What are Pele's siblings' names?

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Pele has three siblings, Maria Lucia, Zoca, and Jair
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What were the names of Charley Pride's siblings?

Charley Pride is one of the most famous country singers of alltime. He is also a ground breaker as he was one of the firstAfrican American country singers. He is one of eleven children, butthe names of his siblings are not public knowledge.

What are Miley Cyrus's siblings names?

noah Cyrus( lil sis ) brandi Cyrus ( big sis) trace Cyrus (big bro) braison Cyrus(lil bro) christopher Cody Cyrus (big bro)

What is Pele's email?

I found his official website, and it's in Spanish (I think it was Spanish). Here is the website, and I got the e-mail address from there:. http://www.pele.com.br/index2.htm. atendimento@pele.com.br

Who is Pele's wife?

According to IMDB, Pele was married to Rosemary Cholbi from 1966-1978 and is currently married to actress Assiria.

What were the names of Annie Oakley's siblings?

She had five older sisters named, Mary Jane Mosey, Born in 22 April 1851 and died in 1867, Lydia Mosey, Born 6 August 1852 and died 8 March 1882, Elisabeth Mosey, born 5 April 1855 and death unknown, Catherine Mosey, born 17 March 1857 and died 8 November 18 1859, Sarah Ellen Mosey, born 4 April 185 ( Full Answer )

What are the names of billie holiday's siblings?

Billie Holiday was a well known American jazz singer andsongwriter. Her parents were Clarence Holiday and Sarah JuliaFagan. Billie Holiday had no known siblings that were evermentioned.

What are Ryan ross's siblings names?

We know he has at least two half-brothers. Jordan is the only one whose name I am currently aware of. The names I had previously given for his other siblings, I have since found to be other family members. Sorry for the misguiding information.

What are the names of Leland Stanfords siblings?

Leland Stanford was the founder of Stanford University in PaloAlto, CA. He was one of eight children. His brothers were namedAsa, Dewitt, Charles, Josiah, Thomas and Jerome. He had one sister,named Elvera.

Tyler perry's siblings names?

Tyler has a brother who was in his movie Dairy of Mad Black Woman the bus seen. His name is Emmbre Perry. He has a myspace page.

What are the names of David Archuleta's siblings?

David Archuleta has 4 siblings. He has an older sister named Claudia, a younger brother named Daniel, a younger sister named Melissa (a.k.a. Jazzy), and another younger sister named Amber.

What is Pele's surname?

Edson Arantes do Nascimento is his real name. Pele is just a nickname like Ronaldo or Ronaldinho. Reply to who answered this originally, Pele is a nickname, Ronaldo is part of the first name of Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima,Ronaldinho is a nickname because the Brazilians didnt want 2 Ronaldo ( Full Answer )

What is Pele's real first name?

The real first name of Pele is Edson. However, the name written onhis birth certificate is Edison. His full name is Edson Arantes doNascimento.

What are Pele's interests?

Among other things, he enjoys playing the acoustic guitar. He even released an album of his playing.

What were the names of Frederick the Great's siblings?

his sisters are Princess Louise of Prussia, Louisa Ulrika ofPrussia, Princess Anna Amalia of Prussia, Wilhelmine of Prussia,Margravine of Brandenburg-Bayreuth, and his brother is Prince Henryof Prussia.

What is shaquille oneals siblings names?

According to his Bio on NBA.com: "Has two sisters, Ayesha and Lateefah and one brother, Jamal" http://www.nba.com/playerfile/shaquille_oneal/bio.html

What are Selena Quintanilla's siblings' names?

The names of Selena's siblings are Abraham Quintanilla III (her older brother) and Suzette Michelle Quintanilla (her older sister). Abraham or also known as A.B. was born on December 13, 1965 and is a famous Mexican-American rap musician who is a native of Toppenish, Washington. Her sister Suzette w ( Full Answer )

What are Shannon Tweeds siblings names?

Jeff, Lance, & Tarry - although not much mention of her youngest brother Tarry who graduated 1979 from Mount Royal Collegiate in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and planned to go into architecture.

What are Marilyn Monroes siblings names?

Marilyn Monroe had two brothers and two sisters all cusumano's and her real name was Nancy Cusumano. See facebook search Marilyn Monroe's family, and Marilyn Monroe's sisters.

What were Ned Kelly's siblings names?

Australian bushranger Ned Kelly had five sisters, two half-sisters, two brothers and one half-brother. His sisters were Maggie (born in 1857) and Catherine, also known as Kate or Kittie (born 1863), Mary, who died as a baby, Anne and Grace. After Ned Kelly's father died, his mother remarried, and ( Full Answer )

What are Pablo Sandoval's siblings named?

The 2012 World Series Most Valuable Player has three brothers,including Luis, who has served as his personal chef, and Michael, aformer major league prospect with the Minnesota Twins.

What are the names of dickens siblings?

well i think he has 6 brothers and sisters and one of them is called fanny Harriet Letitia john but i don't know the rest ;)

What were Babe Ruths siblings names?

babe Ruth sr children: minerva November 22,1889-october 12,1956 loretta July 17,1891-october 27,1967 Harold august 9,1893-august 9,1938

What were Saint Rose's siblings named?

St. Rose of Lima had 10 brothers and sisters but the names are not mentioned in any biography I have read. For more information on the first native born saint in the Americas, click on the link below.

What is zendaya siblings last name?

Zendaya Coleman is the most famous out of 6 she has 2 brothers and 3 sisters there names are Austin 16, Julien 11, AnnaBella 9, Kaylee 4, and Katianna 2. Their last names are also Coleman.

What are Mary bethune's siblings name?

There Names Were Sally, she was the oldest, then Satira, Samuel, Julia, Kissie, Kelly, Carrie, (all old fashioned and odd names) Beauregard (named in honor of General Beauregard), Cecelia, Rebecca, Magdalena (we called her Margie), Mary Jane (myself, of course), Mattie Bell, William Thomas, Monday ( ( Full Answer )

What are the names of buddy valastro's siblings?

Mauro "Chef Mario" Castano, Buddy's right-hand man, and the husband of Buddy's sister Maddalena. Frank "Frankie" Amato Jr., Buddy's first cousin, and the godfather to his son Marco. Joey Faugno, the husband of Buddy's oldest sister Grace. Grace Faugno (née Valastro) Buddy's oldest sister and J ( Full Answer )

What were cleopataras siblings names?

Cleopatra's sibloings were: Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy IV, Cleopatra (an older sister) Berenice and Arsinoe. Cleopatra's sibloings were: Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy IV, Cleopatra (an older sister) Berenice and Arsinoe. Cleopatra's sibloings were: Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy IV, Cleopatra (an older sister) ( Full Answer )

What were the names of Mary Cassatt's siblings?

Her sisters were Lydia and Gardner. Her brothers were Robbie and Alexander. . Correction: Gardner was a boy! Her siblings were: Lydia (1837-1882); Alexander (Alec) ( 1839-1906); Robert (1842-1855); and Joseph Gardner (Gard) (1849-1911). Mary outlived all of them.(Mary Cassatt: 1844-1926) .

What were PT Barnum's Siblings names?

Eder BARNUM - Born: 18 MAY 1813 7 MAY 1855 at: Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut Colony Mary BARNUM Born: 12 AUG 1815 - 20 NOV 1899 Married: 4 FEB 1835 Spouses: John Wycoff AMERMAN Cordelia BARNUM - Born: 12 FEB 1820 - 26 AUG 1858 Married: 2 JAN 1842 Spouses: John BENEDICT Asa ROGERS ( Full Answer )

What are the names of Emma lazarus's siblings?

Emma Lazarus had 5 sisters and 1 brother. One sister was Josephine, born in 1846 or 1847. She died on Feb 3, 1910 and is buried next to Emma in Beth Olom Cemetary in Brooklyn, NY. Their parents, Moses and Esther Nathan Lazarus are buried in the same cemetery. Another sister was Sarah, born in 1841 ( Full Answer )

What were the names of Queen Elizabeths siblings?

Elizabeth's birth was preceded by that of her half-sister Mary Tudor (who would later reign as Mary I), the daughter of Henry and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. When Elizabeth was four, her brother Edward was born, who would later reign for six years as Edward VI, until his death at the age of ( Full Answer )

What are the names of Sarah boon's siblings?

Sarah Boone is related to Daniel Boone. She had 3 other siblings who were brothers and she was the last born. Their names are not found. She married at 16 and died in 1777.

What were Whitney Houston's siblings names?

Whitney had a biological brother named Michael Houston who is a year older than her. She also has an older brother named Gary from her mother's previous marriage, and an older brother John III from her dad's first marriage. And she has a step-sister Alana as well: after Whitney's parents got divorce ( Full Answer )

What the names are of Georgia O'keefe's siblings?

Georgia O'Keeffe (two "f"s in her name) had two brothers, Francis her elder, and Alexis her younger. She also had four younger sisters, Anita, Ida, Catherine and Claudia.