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People who study tornadoes are a type of meteorologist.

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What is the study of tornadoes called?

Meteorologists and storm spotters and storm chasers study tornadoes, which makes it the study of Meteorology.

Who are the people who study tornadoes prevention?

Meteorologists (weather scientists) study tornadoes and how to predict them, but there are no real efforts to try to prevent them. That is impossible.

Why do people study tornadoes?

people study tornadoes because they want to have a better understanding of how they form ,why they form, and over what region's. If they weren't people studying tornadoes we would just think like cave men ,it's better to be informed then to be uninformed.

Why do meteorologist study tornadoes?

Because tornadoes are to do with the weather, which is what meteorologists study..

What scientists study tornadoes?

Since tornadoes are a form of weather, the scientists who study tornadoes are weather scientists of meteorologists.

Study of hurricanes and tornadoes?

Hurricanes and tornadoes are both weather phenomena and so would be covered by the study of meteorology. There is no term for the study of hurricanes or tornadoes in particular.

Who studies tornadoes?

Meteorologists study tornadoes and other weather events. Many of those who study tornadoes are storm chasers.

Why do scientists follow tornadoes?

Scientists follow tornadoes to track where they are going and warn people in their paths. They also study tornadoes to learn more about them so they can be better predicted.

People who study bugs are called?

People who study bugs are called entomologists.

What are people who study plants called?

people who study plants are called botanist

What are people called who study astronomy?

People who study astronomy are called astronomers.

Is meteorology the study of tornadoes?

No. Meteorology is the study of weather, which includes tornadoes along with many other phenomena.

how does the study of tornadoes help people?

By studying tornadoes we can gain a better understanding of them. A better understanding can lead to better warnings, thus reducing the number of people injured and killed.

What are thin tornadoes called?

Thin tornadoes are often called rope tornadoes.

Are tornadoes science?

Tornadoes are a natural phenomenon. They are the subject of scientific study.

Why do people want to study tornadoes?

To see what kind of impact each has on a different segment of land.

What is the scientific study of plants called?

The scientific study of plants is called botany. People who study botany are called botanists.

What are the people who study nerotransmitters called?

The people who study nerotransmitters are called neropsycologists. They study the chemistry of the brain and chemicals released in the brain.

What are people who study genetics called?

People who study genetics are geneticists

What is the name of a person that follows tornadoes in order to study them?

there isn't actually a name for these people. They are referred to as "storm chasers" or just "chasers", but that is just a slang term for them. Meteorologists are scientists who study the weather, and tornadoes are included with the weather.

Can a Doppler radar be used to study tornadoes?

Yes. Doppler radar is one of the most important tools in the modern study of tornadoes.

What are people called who study moss?

Muscology is the study of mosses. Muscologists are people who study mosses.

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