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What are peroxisome proliferators?

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the proliferators are what the peroxisomes use to help break down the hydrogen peroxide. They do this because hydrogen peroxide is harmuful towards the cell.

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What is a function of peroxisome?

A peroxisome breaks down hydrogen peroxide. (more detailed answer under "what is a peroxisome")

Is DNA found in peroxisome?

No,DNA is not found in peroxisome.

Does Lorenzo's Oil acts at the endoplasmic reticulum or the peroxisome?

It acts at the peroxisome of a cell

What is a city comparison to peroxisome?

•The peroxisome can be compared to demolition machines because the peroxisome breaks down fatty acid molecules just like the demolition machines break down buildings.

What color are peroxisome?


Is peroxisome found in plant cells animal cells or both?

the peroxisome is found in both plant and animal cells.

What detoxifies alcohol in the liver?


What organelle contains catalase?


Do prokaryotes have a peroxisome?

No they do not have.They are in eukariyotes.

What organelle has a single membrane?


What is the purpose of a peroxisome?

the purpose of a peroxisome is to reduce the pH of free radicals. this neutralises them and stops them causing damage to organelles like the nucleus and mitochondria.

Does a bacteria cell have peroxisome?

No they do not have.They are in eukariyotes.

What organelle produces H2O2 as a by product?


What organelle is responsible for the detoxification of drugs?


Where can you find peroxisome?

They are in cytoplasm.They are eukariyotic cells.

Does a Peroxisome have a double membrane?

single membranous

Where is peroxisome in a cell?

There is no exact location.It is in cytoplasm.

What is the function of the peroxisome?

It acts as a Fatty Acid to break down cells and this leads to cancer so the result is so that a peroxisome can make you die if you are bleeding.

What do peroxisome do?

are able to detoxify substances by enzymatic action

Lysosome and peroxisome packaging department?

Golgi Apparatus

What organelle breaks down drugs in the liver?


In which cells do you find peroxisome?

They are in eukariyotes.They are absent in prokariyotes.

Is peroxisomes a vacuole or an organelle?

Peroxisome is not a vacuole.It is an organell.

Is peroxisome visible under 400X magnification?

yes you can.

Is peroxisome autotrophic or heterotrophic?

They are in both.But only in eukariyotes.