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What are personal traits?

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it probably means what kind of person u are

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What is personal character?

A personal characters are the traits that make up a person. These traits can be good or bad depending on the situation and perspective.

What is the difference between where you got your looks from and who you got your looks from?

Looks are personal traits. You can't get personal traits from a location (where). You get them from your parents (who).

Harriet Tubman's personal traits?

5 peronal traits about harriet tubman

Personal traits that start with j?


What kind of personal traits do you need for soccer?

== ==

What are the personal traits of Mohandas Gandhi?


What is Cesar chavez personal traits?

he is brave

What is Nelson Mandela personal traits?


What is Theodore Roosevlts personal traits?


What are some personal traits that begin with the letter U?

Personal traits that begin with U:UndignifiedUglyUnmanageableUngodlyUninterestingUniqueUrgent

What are the personal traits of Martin Van Buren?

a list of traits and characteristics for Martin Van Buren?

What are the desirable personal characteristics attributes lifestyles skills and traits of a prospective entrepreneur?

What are the desirable personal characterristec attributes lifestlye skills and traits of a prospective entrepreneur

What is personal temperament?

Personal temperament is the combination of physical, mental and emotional traits of a person.

What were Patrick Henry's personal traits?

christian crouse

What are Beyonce Personal traits?

nice loud and cool

What are Matthew Henson's personal traits?

couragous, helpful

What are Barack Obama's personal traits?

to be the best president

What was Jesse Jackson's personality traits?

Personal trits

What are personal character traits of Ramses 2?

brave powerful and respected are the 3 traits for ramses 2.

What are the personal characteristic of staff?

Personal characteristics are those traits an individual displays in their daily life.

What are the personal traits to be a dj?

the personal traits to be a dj is you have to have the confidence and build your self esteem in front of hundreds of people, maybe thousands. you need to be creative to use your beats to the music.

Personal traits needed to become a youth worker?


What personal traits did Franklin exhibit?


What were personal characteristics or traits of Sam Houston?

He was an honest man.

What means personal traits?

your emami and your adres numberand phone