What are personnel policies discuss the process of policy formulation?

i) To Achieve the objectives of the organisation: Polices are guide to action towards the objectives of the organisation so they must be known to ever concerned person in order to concentrate their efforts towards the objectives.

(ii) Uniformity in decisions: Personnel polices furnish the general standard or basis on which decisions are reached. Decisions in one organisation are taken by the various line authorities keeping in view the personnel polices and thus uniformity of action is maintained similar cases. There is the least possibility of workers' exploitation through base decisions.

(iii) Delegation of authority possible: Delegation of authority means assigning work to others and give them authority to do it. Personnel policies help the executives at various levels of decision centres to act with confidence without consulting the superiors every time. They give a manger liberty to choose the alternatives provided an to decide upon the action.

(iv) Better control: Better control : As personnel polices specify relationship among organisation, management and workers, 50 each group works for the achievement of the large objectives of the organisation without any policy conflicts. Thus it provides better control.

(v) Evaluating Efficiency: Policy provides standards the execution of work. Efficiency of each group may be evaluated by performance in the light of the policy. It may be assessed whether organisation has achieved the desired results set in the policy. Policy maybe amended or a new policy mat be formulated in the light of the actual performance.

(vi) Confidence: Policy provides the workers a security against exploitation. It creates confidence in the in the employees. They may know where they stand in relation to the organisation.

(vii) Motivation of workers: Policy makes the employee aware of the objectives of the organisation and guides the workers in achieving them. So they work enthusiastically and with loyalty to gt those objectives.

(viii) Guide to management: Policy provides guidance to management in relation to the personnel problems they resolve how to get work done by the people at work or how to behave them.