What are petrels?

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Petrel : Name given to various ocean birds belonging, like the albatross and shearwater , to the order of tube nosed swimmers. Many petrels fly over the waves skinning closely that they give the appearance of walking on the water. Being tireless fliers by day, at night they rest on the water; many return to land only to breed.

Two species which frequent the the Atlantic coast of North America are Wilson's petrel (this also called mother carey's chickens ), a surface skimmer and habitual boat follower , and Leach's, which has bounding, erratic flight and breeds on islands off the New England coast

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Q: What are petrels?
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What are 6 preadators of a Snow Petrels?

one of the snow petrels predators are skuas.

Where do petrels live?

Petrels normally live in deep rock crevasses or in rocky cliffs.

Where do snow petrels live in antarctica?

Snow petrels are distributed in the southern region of Antarctica.

How long do snow petrels live for?

Snow Petrels can live up to 20 years in the wild.

What do snow petrels look like?

snow petrels are pure white with black eyes and bill. they have bluish, grayish feet. snow petrels are smaller than pigeons and weigh about 1 pound

What do Triniade Petrels Eat?

??? ???

Are Petrels endangered?


Where do snow petrels live?

snow petrels live in Antarctica, they are pure white small birds with a pointy beack.

How do snow petrels breed in Antarctica?

Snow petrels breed in Antarctica in much the same way that they breed anywhere.

What do petrels eat?

petrels eat fish and fish musselsthey eat mainly copepods and krill, as well as small squid and fish.

How do snow petrels move?

They move swiftly.

In what part of Antarctica do snow petrels live?

Snow petrels breed on Antarctica's beaches: they do not 'live' there. It's too cold and there is no food chain on the continent.

What birds live in Africa?

Shearwaters, Albatrosses, and, petrels

What time do the baby snow petrels start to molt?

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What foods do storm petrels eat?

puffins and fish

How many snow petrels are there?

more than 1

What country do the southern giant petrels live in?


What are facts about snow petrels?

The word Petrel is derived from St peter and the story of his walking on water. This is in because of the Petrels appearing to run on the water to take off in flight.

What is the Blue Petrel weight?

blue petrels weght 200g

What is the snow petrels diet?

a seal that is dead and a seals placenta

What kind of teeth does the giant petrel have?

Giant petrels do not have teeth.

How do snow petrels keep warm in the antarctic?

Snow Petrels stay warm because they have especially thick feathers and if they are freezing cold the will fluff up their feathers to stop the heat from escaping.

Which part of Antarctica do snow petrels live?

they live in Darla world

Which bird is reputed to be a bird of ill omen?

brown-backed petrels

How do snow petrels adapt to Antarctica?

they have got an extra layer of feathers