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hope it helpsIt could be whiteheads. I have acne and that includes whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. I tried a lot of over-the-counter treatments that never worked. I just went to my dermatologist and got a prescription. If this has been going on for a while and you can't get rid of it, then, it could be acne, and I would recommend going to a dermatologist.
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Pimples on basketball?

Yes, in fact the bumps on a basketball do look like pimples!

Do turtles get pimples?

No. Turtles get bactera bumps.

What are Bumps by the elbow that puss and hurt?

they are probably pimples

What type of bumps are on skin and itchy and then bleed?


Why do i have small bumps on my penis That are kinda like small pimples?

If you have small bumps on your penis that are like pimples, it could be genital warts or another sexually transmitted disease.

You have bumps all over your face but its not pimples?

It could be pimples beginning. Or it could be eczema but that is typically on arms.

What are the little bumps on your penis?

Pimples you should try to pop them

What could bumps on penis be?

pimples or herpes see a doctor

What are the tiny red bumps on your face?

Zits, pimples, acne

Why does my dog have yellow green bumps on his tummy?

The yellow green bumps on your dog's tummy may be pustules. Thee are similar to pimples or zits and can be caused by various conditions. You should take your dog to a veterinarian so the problem can be diagnosed and treated.

How long do pimples or bumps inside your ears last?

a couple of days

What is the name of the raised bumps the cover a table tennis bat?


What is genital pimples?

Genital pimples are bumps with white fluid that appear on your vagina,vulva,clitoris,and,labia major or labia monot

What is a goose bump?

Goose bumps are the tiny bumps you get all over your body when you get the chills, also sometimes referred to as goose pimples.

What is the British English word for goose bumps?

Goose flesh or goose pimples

What are the colorless bumps on the face that turn red if you squeeze them and have puss in them?

Pimples. Lari_xox_173

Does soda pop give you pimples?

yes,because i have bumps from drinking pops

When you get bumps on your back and they aren't pimples and sometimes you can pull them out and they leave a small hole does anyone know what they might be?

Probably folliculitis - an inflammation of the skin's follicles. It is very common, and can be alleviated by washing with a loofah or rough cloth, and then using lotion afterward.

How do you get rid of forming bumps on your face?

Bumps are often caused of oil, dirt, impurities and excess make-up so keeping the skin clean can get rid of bumps causing pimples.

What are razor bumps?

Its when you shave sometimes it leaves red bumps like pimples for a couple days!! Soap and Water is better than shaving cream!!

Can herpes be pimples?

Herpes can look like blister and/or like pimples. Typically they are grouped in a small area. After the bumps pop, they look like ulcers or sores.

What type of skin disorder has red bumps that itch and look like pimples?

Chicken Pox

How do you treat risen bumps?

Risen bumps or boils are painful pus filled bumps that forum under the skin. They are treated with antibiotics. Risen bumps can form anywhere on the body.

Can puss bumps kill your fetus?

Are you asking if pimples can kill your fetus?? I'm pretty sure that's a resounding no. "pus bumps" are a minor skin condition at worst.

What are the little bumps on the face of a table tennis paddle called?

The bumps on the rubber are called pimples, or pips. Either is acceptable, just like racket, bat and paddle.