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Please see your doctor, it could be a minor infection easily cleared up with antibiotics, or something more serious. Either way it's what you DON'T KNOW that can hurt you.

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Q: What are pimples on your nipples that excrete a white and sometimes black substance?
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What rhymes with nipples?


What are the pimples on your nipples?

Sebaceous glands which produce a secretion which lubricates the nipples to stop them cracking while breastfeeding.

What rhymes with ripples?

pimples nipples dimples triples simple cripple

What is wrong if you have red bumps on your nipples and pus comes out when you squeeze them and if these are just pimples how did you get them?

Don`t squeeze. Nipples have tiny glands around the areola that produce some fatty substance when you are nursing, to protect the whole area. Now, if you are not female and not nursing and not on the pill, you may see a doctor anyway.

Is it normal to have tiny pimples on your nipples?

They are called Montgomary glands, or areolar skin glands, and are perfectly normal.

How you get pimples?

You get pimples when you touch your face too much. The oils and dirts on your hands clog up your pores. Pimples also come naturally, sometimes because of heredity.

If you have soar nipples and pimples is that a sign of breast cancer?

Having soar nipples is not a sign of breast cancer. They have to be hard to tell the patient that she has a chance of having cancer f the breasts.

Are guys with pimples sometimes cute?

yes kinda

Does vinegar help get rid of pimples?

sometimes but if you dont wash you face first no it will make the pimples flare up and maybe even cause them

Is cetaphil for pimples?

sometimes. it depends on the length of your vagina/urethra

Why do pimples spread?

Pimples sometimes spread a lot quicker if you touch your face a lot. All the oil form your fingertips transfers onto your skin and builds up until you get a blackhead. Sometimes blackheads form pimples. The oil from the pimple then will get on the skin around it. More pimples will come. I suggest you stop picking or touching your face completely and wash your face twice a day with a cleanser.

Why does junk food give you pimples?

It doesn't sometimes stress can cause acne and pimples and some people eat junk food when they are stressed. :D

What is the reason of pimples on the face what can i do?

Pimples are pretty much caused by hormones which means you are growing up or sometimes it can be hereditary. You can prevent pimples if you use an acne treatment which are sold in most drug stores. I would recommend Proativ :)

How do you get rid of thigh pimple?

thigh 'pimples' are not always pimples. they are sometimes heat rash. when your outside sweating your legs rub together causing this. to reduce them, moisturize!

Is it normal to have pimples or whiteheads around nipples?

yes some people do its perfectly normal an nothing to be alarmed about were all different and that is what makes us all beautiful

What does pimples look like?

red lumps and sometimes they have white bits at the tips.

Does Justin Bieber get pimples?

sometimes! he gets some one his nose the most!

Can aloe vera cure pimples?

Aloe vera is not proven to cure pimples, but it can ease some discomfort associated with pimples. Aloe is a water-based substance that is thick and gel-like. It can sometimes clog pores, if a lot is used. Make sure to gently clean your skin before applying any ointment to a sore or pimple. I recommend using a gentle face wash daily (something with salicylic acid is good), taking care to avoid sensitive areas (like the eyes) and applying sunscreen when you go outside. Avoid shaving over pimples, as they can leave scars and dimples later on. Take care to not scrub your face too hard, as that can just worsen and aggravate pimples.

What causeus pimples?

Pimples are a form of acne that form due to blocked skin pores. Hormones in our body lead to oil production in our skin. Sometimes due to excessive oil production the skin pores get filled with it and bacteria starts to accumulate in them. Pimples are common after puberty. Practicing good hygiene can help in prevention of pimples to a great extent.

Will pimples form around a wart?

Pimples could form around a wart. Sometimes the oil from skin and playing with the wart could cause the skin to break out. it is best to leave it alone after medicating it.

What causes pimples and how can you prevent or stop it?

Pimples are caused by dirt and oil in the pores of the skin. You can prevent them by washing your face and using a cream from the drug store. An astringent will sometimes help if your skin is oily.

Does acne end after puberty?

It reduces ALOT. But sadly adults sometimes get pimples (cries)

Does miley cryrus have pimples?

well i mean come on everyone has breakouts once in a while so maybe of course she had pimples and sometimes i bet she puts makeup on top of it everyone has breakouts once in a while ( get it breakout? )

Why do you have pimples and your only 12?

That's totally normal. Sometimes you get pimples when you're on you period, and trust me, my aunt is 35 years old and she still freaks out when she finds a zit on her forehead. I have a pimple and I'm only 11.

Can you get pimples to go away with toothpaste?

It depends on what type of toothpaste you are using. Most of the time they do go away but sometimes not.