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What are pipe standarts?

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The standards tell the different wall thicknesses schedule 40 is standard then schedule 80 extra heavy and schedule 120 for very high pressure applications.Copper goes by Type K,L ,M M being the lightest

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Is the pipe soldered?

Copper pipe is soldered. Steel pipe is welded. Plastic pipe (pvc) is glued. There is even a type of pipe that is smoked...

How many gallons in a 2 pipe 1 foot long?

The answer will depend on whether it is a 2 inch pipe or a 2 cm pipe or a 2 foot pipe or whatever.The answer will depend on whether it is a 2 inch pipe or a 2 cm pipe or a 2 foot pipe or whatever.The answer will depend on whether it is a 2 inch pipe or a 2 cm pipe or a 2 foot pipe or whatever.The answer will depend on whether it is a 2 inch pipe or a 2 cm pipe or a 2 foot pipe or whatever.

What is pipe life?

Pipe life is how long a pipe lives.

What is bi pipe?

Bi pipe is a black iron pipe.

What is an Arabic smoking pipe?

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What is a branch pipe of a volcano?

The branch pipe is a pipe with branches on it.

What is a pipe lining?

A lining in a pipe, placed there to protect the material of the pipe from the contents that will be passing through the pipe.

How does a soil pipe and a waste pipe differ?

because a soil pipe is for soil and a waste pipe is for waste!!!!!!

What is difference between nominal diameter of a pipe and bore of pipe and also defined the nominal diameter of pipe and tube how you differentiate both?

bore of the pipe is the internal diameter of pipe but the nominal diameter of pipe is the dia of a circle which is draw through a point which is situates at exactly half of the thickness of pipe or we can say that (outer dia of pipe- thickness of pipe )=nominal bore of pipe.

If the painting This is not a pipe is not a pipe what is it then?

Rene Magritte meant that it is an image of a pipe .

What is dwv pipe?

dvw pipe = drain, waste and vent pipe.

What is pipe bore?

Pipe bore is the actual minimum inside diameter of a pipe, which is not necessarily the nominal pipe size.

What is Definition of pipe schedule?

pipe schedule is an American definition to define pipe thickness and how much pressure can the pipe stand, schedules are 10,20,40,80.., pipe schedule is nearly close to the eurobian definition for pipe class.

What is invert of pipe?

The Invert Level of a pipe is the level taken from the bottom of the inside of the pipe as shown below.INVERT LEVEL OF PIPESection through pipeWater levelInvert levelCrown of pipe

When saying calculating inch dia of pipe is number of welded joints x pipe size that refers to lenght of pipe or diameter of pipe?

Pipe size refers to the diameter of the pipe (in inch).

What is a wrought pipe bend?

wrought pipe bends means straight pipe bend using rotary draw pipe bender. or pipe bend by any method

What does B.O.P. stand for in piping?

For horizontal run pipe it is Bottom of Pipe For vertical run Pipe it is back of pipe

What is abs pipe?

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) pipe is a black plastic pipe often used for sewage pipe.

What is the difference between Pipe lining and pipe coating?

Pipe Lining refers to the internal diameter, pipe coating is external.

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What is the difference in 16 gauge pipe and 19 gauge pipe?

16 gauge pipe is thicker than 19 gauge pipe.