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What are planaria?

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* lanaria belong to the phylum, Platyhelminthes, (flatworms). * They are a free-living, flat bodied, freshwater creatures that exhibit the remarkable ability *

to regenerate their lost body parts. * It lives in lakes, streams, ponds, and other freshwater bodies * The planarian is non-parasitic, and eats decaying meat. * The body includes: *

a simple nervous system that includes a 'brain'

muscle bundles

an internal reproductive system

a blind gut branching through the body

an excretory system that includes specialized cells called 'flame cells' * They can be conditioned to respond to stimuli, display the ability to master a two-choice maze, *

and can transfer the memory of training from one individual to another. Use only 'spring water' or 'pond water', not distilled water ( it doesn't contain any of the minerals and nutrients they need to survive) or tap water (the chlorine or flouride etc. that's in tap water will kill them) Feed them little bits of hard cooked 'egg yolk' every few days - to a week at most. Some varieties will eat liver or tubifex worms, but that's very smelly and messy. Don't feed them at all during their mating season during February-March. After you feed them (let them eat for about 30 minutes - 1 hour at most) make sure you change their water (rinse them off carefully) and add fresh water. This prevents any uneaten food from decaying and dirtying the culture. They also create a 'slime' that needs to be removed. Keep them at a reasonable room temperature (68-72 degrees). Do not refidgerate them. Do not expose them to harsh light. In fact, keep them in the dark for most of the time; maybe in the container they came in with a lid (loosley closed) and store it in a closed cupboard. They are sensitive to extremes of light, temperature, and ph. Being such sensitive creatures, when you begin your experiments, any changes you may make in their environment should be the smallest that you can measure.

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Does planaria have a exoskeleton?

No, planaria do not have an exoskeleton

What kingdom are planaria in?

Planaria are in the kingdom Animalia

What is planaria class?

The planaria class is Turbellaria

What do planaria eat?

planaria eat decaying meat.

What kingdom do Planaria belong to?

Planaria belong to the kingdom Animalia.

Which phylum does a planaria belong to?

A planaria belongs to the phylum Platyhelminthes.

Does planaria do photosynthesis?

Planaria are type of animals. Animals are not photosynthetic

Can you write the species of Planaria as Planaria Sp?

sp refers to a planaria where the actual species is undetermined...or sometimes because several species of planaria have similar appearance or behavior and have been used in a study.

What do planaria feed on?

Planaria feed on live or dead small animals.

How does NaCl affect planaria?

Planaria exist only in fresh waters.

How do you perform planaria regeneration experiment?

Usually a planaria regeneration experiment involves cutting the planaria into different parts. The head can be separated from the tail or the planaria can be cut lengthwise, etc. After cutting the planaria, it will be observed for few days noting how the organism regenerate its lost body parts. Read more on planaria regeneration on t he link provided below.

Is planaria a bacteria?

No, planaria are a type of flatworm and are not considered a bacteria. But, planaria are good for the ecosystem- so maybe it would be like a good type of bacteria that contributes to the functioning of the human body as it the planaria would fo the Earth. You sould really look up planaria, there are pictures and more.

What is the scientific name for planaria?

The planaria scientific name is called Planariidae. It is not a species so the binomial name could not be determined. Planaria are non-parasitic flatworms.

If a single planaria was cut in half what would happen to it?

It would divide into two planaria.

Do planaria have a coelom?


Is planaria a protists?


What is the maximum lifespan of planaria?

The maximum recorded lifespan of a planaria is 1.167 years There is no definite answer for its lifespan

Is planaria an animal?

Planaria is actually freshwater flat worms. The body is usually flat, thin, and smooth.

Can a planaria swim?


Are PLANARIA segmented?


Where are planaria found?

on uranus

Are all planaria nonparasitic?


Is planaria an invertebrate?


What are two characteristics of planaria?

Planaria falls under the kingdom of animalia. so some would be heterotrophic, multicellular, and eukaryotic.

How do planaria digest their food?

Planaria ingest food through a flexible tube-like pharynx that it can stick out from the middle of it's ventral side. The mouth is located at the end of this tube. The planaria sucks food in through this tube.

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