Plastics and Polymers

What are polymers used for?

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They are used for bike and car tires, some types of plastics, pipe restorations, DNA blueprints in our bodies, and protein and starches in the foods we eat.
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What is the purpose of polymers?

Polymers are used all around, plastics and rubber are polymers.

Which are the polymers used in industry?

Virtually all synthetic polymers are used in industry.

Why are polymers used today?

Type your answer here... polymers are used today because they are fun

Are DNA polymers composed of amino acid monomers?

No. Amino acid monomers are used to make protein polymers. Nucleotide monomers are used to make DNA polymers.

Why are synthetic polymers often used in place of some natural materials?

Synthetic polymers are cheaper than natural polymers. Natural polymers are also less plentiful.

What is butene used for?

Used to make polymers.

What is the term for the building block of polymers?

The term used for the building block of polymers is MONOMER.

What is arcyrilic acid used for?

It is used in manufacturing polymers

What is dental polymers used for?


What is phenylethene used for?

making polymers

What polymers are used in soccer?


What are the raw materials used to make polymers?

Smaller molecules called 'monomers' are used to form bigger moleculs called polymers.

What are Cornstarch polymers and what are they used for?

Cornstarch polymers are polymers made from alkenes that are mixed with cornstarch so that they are easily biodegradeable. They are used for plastic bags so that they when they are sent to a landfill site, they biodegrade quickly and easily.

Why are polymers important?

Polymers are used in our lives as polythene is used in shopping bags, They are used in for different things as-well, for example NYLON in suitcases and bags Polyvinyl-acetate in plastic bottles and utensils There are many Different Polymers The clothes we were are made out of polyester

Polymers of the carbohydrate monomer glucose are used as the major form of energy storage for many plants What are these glucose polymers called?

The glucose polymers are called Cellulose or starch.

What are the uses of unsaturated hydrocarbons?

Used as a POLYMERS.

What are designer polymers used for?

contact lenses

What reaction is used to breakdown polymers?


What are monomers used for?

they build blocks of polymers

Why can't alkanes be used to make polymers?

They can...

What is Photochromic polymers used for?

eye glasses

How can organic chemistry be used to produce textiles?

Organic chemistry allows the production of polymers, which have many applications to industrial manufacturing. Polymers can be built like a string as in nylon used as feedstock for a loom. Cotton fibers are actually polymers of cellulose that are pulled into a string much like the synthetic polymers.

What is butadiene polymers?

Butadiene is a non-corrosive gas that condenses to a liquid and is used to make polymers. Butadiene polymers include neoprene, styrene-butadiene rubber, and nitrile rubber.

What are biodegradable polymers?

polymers that break down and lose their initial integrity. Biodegradable polymers are used in medical devices to avoid a second operation to remove them, or to gradually release a drug

What is the raw material used to produce polymers?

Polymers just mean a long chain of single units called monomers. You can have different types of polymers, like DNA, polypeptides...