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What are popular African names?

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popular African names are ayyub pronounced {eye you b} that's a boy name, patlen,frank,naheem nakia alani and kesean written by Amanda reid yea yu kno me baby i go to wtms

Whoever is Amanda reid, yooh is DUMB and if ya gotta problem wit me sayin dat, send me a message

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What were some popular African names from the 1700s?

In the 1700's many popular African days were names of the week such as Mimba, Abba, Cuba and Juba. Some names were for places such as Aberdeen, Albemarle, Congo, and Barbary.

What were some popular African American names in the 1700s?


What is the most popular African names for a boy and a girl?

Name for girl is Sarah and name for boy is abdull

What are the names of African presidents in 2008?

Pls give me the names of all the African presidents currently

After being independent why did many African countrys change there names?

Many African countries had French, German, or British names. They changed their names to be African names to represent their freedom from their colonizing countries. Hope this helped!

What is the most popular African country in the world?

The most popular african country in the world is Nigeria!:)

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What are the most popular names for my pet?

Jack and Drake are two very popular names for males and Princess or Spot are good for female, but there are tons of names that are popular.

Which letter of the alphabet does not appear in any of the names in African nations?

The letter X does not appear in any of the names of African nations.

What is the most popular Spanish names?

Juan and Maria are the most popular Spanish names.

What are popular confirmation names for boys?

the most popular boys names are jack and lewis

What are the most popular names of 2011?

The most popular names of 2011 are Isabella and Jacob.

What are some of the most popular Arabic names for babies?

There are many popular Arabic names for boys and girls. Among the popular boy names are Mohammed and Ahmed. For girls, popular ones are Aaliyah and Afya.

What is the names of an African antelope?


What are the names of the African jungles?

The Congo

What has the author Tyra Mason written?

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Is African capitalized?

Yes, African and Africans are capitalized.

What were the most popular baby names in 1956?

Your answer is at

What were the most popular baby names in 1972?

What are some popular baby names for boys?

Some popular boy names are Michael and John.

What are some names of African American cowboys?

what are some of the African American cowboys

What were popular names in 1775?

In 1775 some popular girl names were Elizabeth, Mary, Hannah, Sarah and Rebecca. Popular male names from 1775 were Samuel, Joseph, John and Peter.

What is the most popular names in 1999?

The most popular baby names in 1999 were Jacob Michael and Matthew

Is popular music in its origin an African form?

Popular music, otherwise known as "pop music: in its origin is in fact not from some form of African form. It can be said that popular music has a string of influences that include jazz and the like, but not African music.

Names of west African coins?