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Carne Asada, a version of Paella and other foods that are cornmeal based.

How about the staple food of the rich and poor. Rice and red beans mix together (gallo pinto) Chancho con yuca, ( Pieces of pork fried with boiled yuca and toppled with tomato, onions,cabbage,and chili marinade in vinegar,and salt) Tajadas de platano con queso. ( Fried green or ripe platain with fried cheese, toppled with onions, cabbage, and Chile) Vigoron (boiled yuca, toppled with pork rind and cabagge tomatoes and onions, Chile and vinegar) and much more .

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Q: What are popular foods of Nicaragua?
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Carne asada!!

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There are 13 volcanoes in Nicaragua. The official language is Spanish. Baseball is the most popular sport. Lake Nicaragua is the largest freshwater lake in Central America. I am amazing. (*.*)

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