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Mostly aluminum because they are ran in free air and that changes their ampacity rating enough for aluminum to be more economical than copper. Gold has a higher ampacity rating than either al. or copper but it is to valuable to leave hanging in the air.

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Q: What are power lines made out of?
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Why power lines are made up of aliminum?

Power lines are made of aluminum, because they are exceptional conductors of both heat and electricity.

What holds up power lines?

Electrical transmission towers are what holds power lines up. These towers are made of steel and have an openwork lattice design.

To reduce power losses in transmission lines the voltage is made?

Much higher.

Are there power lines in heaven?

there are no power lines in heaven

What is the code to power lines three from power lines two?


What is the code to power lines 1?

at the end of power lines 1 you get a code to enter power lines 2 the code is 321123

Why is glass insulators on power lines?

The insulators on power lines are usually porcelain.

Why can birds touch power lines?

there legs are insulators so they can stand on power lines

Is China a insulator?

China is, or used to be (the current material may be some made made material) china on power lines. The separators were made of china to insulate them.

Do power lines sag in summer or winter?

Power lines sag mostly in the summer depending on where you live. The warm weather causes the power lines to expand ( so the particles expand) and sag. If you live in a Northern Country where it is cold in the winter, the power lines will do the opposite because the cold weather causes the power lines to contract.So basically power lines sag in the summer and "de-sag'in the winter.

Do phone lines have more tension than power lines?


Power steering lines?

the power steering is leaking were the lines run inside the boot on the driver side

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