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žSome of the precautions are as under: (i)stay inside keeping doors and windows shut to protect ourselves against nuclear radiation.

ž(ii) keep informed about the government plants and should act in accordance with official communication.

ž(iii) Nuclear activity may affect our health and cause nausea, giddiness, vomiting etc., and for that medical help should be taken.

ž(iv)take safety measures such as locking their houses and taking he family and animals away to a safe place.

ž(v) Stringent safety measures and checkups in the factory and critical analysis of the working condition of the factory will help to take timely measures to check any disaster.

ž(vi)Whenever learn or hear about type of danger of communicable diseases viz. malaria, cholera, Anthrax etc. through official announcements on radio or TV, then one should take adequate preventive and protective measures


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There are no major precautions for access during emergency procedures.

radios,satellites, satellites phones,ham radio are the various communication facilities during disasters

Hello , It's a easy and simple answer . At a child's level the main thing for us is to know the precautions which one should take during natura or man made disasters . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The answer is very appropriate but what are d common precautions needed to be taken at a very primary and most important level.... The question of what precautions are to be taken is always a ques in everyone's mind. There's a need to educate people about the preventive common measures during disasters..... And by the way.. Thanks 4 answering dis question. Is am happy that people like solving or helping to solve others problems and questions.... Please list some common preventive measures which can be taken. Some of my views are: 1) Increasing awareness. 2) Handy first Aid Kit and knowledge about the diaster They are d 2 primary things which are necessary. Can add inputs Shivani

There are several precautions that need to be taken during a flood. A few precautions are is to have a battery operated radio, evacuate asap, never cross any water in a car or by foot, and if a car is stuck, leave the car.

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The necessary safety precautions when conducting an experiment depend on what is done during the experiment and where it is done.

There are many international charities and organizations that will provide relief during natural disasters. One such example is the American Red Cross.

The best place to stay during a tsunami is Tokyo because it has lots of natural disasters their.

Amateur Radio has been used in many disasters. Hams have been used to communicate coordination efforts in tandem with first responders and other key groups during and after the disaster.

Number one precaution is to get to high land.

natural disasters c an occur at any time so we must be prepared always . So we as well as the government should take considerable steps for protection during natural disasters .

Storm surges are formed during hurricanes.

One of the ecological disasters that plagues the cattle kingdom was the harsh winters that occurred in the late 1800s. Some other ecological disasters during this time were prolonged drought and sagebrush growing out of control.

In Britain during WW2 ARP stood for Air Raid Precautions.

The precautions that must be taken during the experiment of transpiration

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