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What are predicate adjectives?

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December 10, 2015 11:22AM

A predicate adjective (also called a subject complement)

modifies the subject like other descriptive adjectives, but it

follows a linking verb in a sentence. A list of linking verbs is

given below. These verbs are linking verbs only if they are

followed by adjectives, nouns, or pronouns that rename the


Linking Verbs

is, become, seem, grow, turn, prove, look, feel, sound, smell,

taste, appear, remain, keep and stay.


This cake is GOOD. (good cake)

Her hair looks so SHINY. (shiny hair)

Sarah looks OLDER with makeup.

The children remained CALM.


You are PATIENT today.

Babette grew TIRED of waiting.

I grew WEARY from the complaints.

Robert seems CHEERFUL today.

The gumbo tasted GREAT.

That idea sounds WONDERFUL.

The roses smelled FRAGRANT.

We remained CALM.

The weather will turn COLD this evening.

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