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Pregnant women are at risk of having a baby. If you could be more specific in your question, you would likely get a more specific answer.

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Q: What are pregnant women at risk of?
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Why are cat's a risk factor for pregnant women and newborn children?

Cats carries animal borne illnesses and that is why they are a risk factor for pregnant women and newborn children.

Does swine flu affect pregnant women?

Pregnant women are considered in the risk group so they should get the vaccine.

Can a women get pregnant after her period?

Yes you can, but the risk is extremely low.

Pregnant women who are at high risk for infection may receive what vaccines?

Non-infected pregnant women may begin the hepatitis B vaccine series if they are at high-risk for infection.

How do you know when you're at high risk to get pregnant?

Women having unprotected sex who are between the ages of 13 and 50 are at a high risk of getting pregnant.

What stage is it safe to be in contact with a pregnant women?

There's never a risk of being in contact with a pregnant woman.

Does the risk of Down syndrome decrease with age in pregnant women?

No. Older women are more likely to have Down Syndrome babies. The risk is highest after age 35.

Can pregnant women eat cold shrimp?

can pregnant women eat shrimp Answer: No, it is not advisable for pregnant women to eat shrimp. There are too many risks involved with seafood - one common risk is that the food could be contaminated with bacteria.

Are pregnant women considered at high risk for foodbourne illness?

High risk? No. Somewhat increased, but still low risk? Yes, perhaps. Pregnancy is not a disease; it is a natural part of life for most women.

True or false The risk of Down Syndrome decreases with age in pregnant women?


Is it fine if a pregnant women drinks wine?

Because of an increased risk of fetal alcohol syndrome from even slight intakes of alcoholic beverages, it is encouraged that pregnant women NOT have an occasional glass of wine.

What risk is there to the baby of a pregnant woman who contracts measles?

Women who contract the disease while pregnant may give birth to a baby with hearing impairment.

Is lake water safe for pregnant women?

My dr. says stay out of lakes and pond water while pregnant. Bacteria is high and baby is at risk!!

Can women get pregnant by chimp?

can a women get a women pregnant

Does the contraceptive implant cause birth defects?

The risk of birth defects is no higher for those few women who get pregnant on implanon than it is for other women.

Will stopping birth control lower the risk of blood clots?

Yes, unless you get pregnant. For nonsmoking women, and even for women who smoke and are under 35, there is more risk of blood clot with pregnancy than on the pill.

Why is it harder for pregnant women to get insurance?

Pregnancy is an extremely higher risk for every insurance. This is so, because there maybe a lot of complications during the pregnancy. So it is harder or just impossible for pregnant women to get an insurance.

Do you have to remove your IUD if you're pregnant?

Due to the risk to the fetus and mother, a women pregnant with the IUD in place should have the IUD removed. The pregnancy may continue normally after that.

Does the birth control pill cause strokes?

The combination birth control pill can increase the risk of stroke. For young women and women who don't smoke, there's more of a risk from dying from a stroke by getting pregnant and delivering a baby.

Is it safe for women to ejaculted in their anus?

IT's reasonably safe in terms of not getting pregnant, but the risk of transferring STDs are greater.

Why is it that women who are pregnant shouldn't eat meat that has been frozen and thawed and frozen again?

Pregnant women are advised to look after their health more carefully to protect the unborn child. This is about the possible risk of food poisoning. Even if you are not pregnant (or male) it's still good advice.

What are pregnant women with Marfan syndrome treated with?

Women with Marfan were once advised not to become pregnant because of the risk of aortic enlargement or dissection. The development of beta-blockers and echocardiograms, however, allows doctors now to monitor patients throughout pregnancy.

When does a new genital herpes infection of a pregnant women not put the fetus at risk?

There is little risk of fetal transmission if the mother is infected before the third trimester and has no genital sores at the time of delivery.

Almonds is good for pregnant women or not?

almonds is good for pregnant women.

Is ginger OK for pregnant women?

Yes. It is OK for pregnant women.