What are protons neutrons and electrons?

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Electrons are basicly the connectors in the process of bonding. The bond is determined by the amount of valence electrons the element has. Protons and newtrons both make up the atomic mass of all elements. Protons are positively charged, while Neutrons are neutral (hence the name), and attract the negatively charged electrons to the nucleus, where they both reside. BY MANOJ-Neutrons are also those who prevents the protons to get out of the nucleus.There are two charges in the nucleus 1-neutron 2-proton .And the electrons revolve around it in its orbit like the planets. The 1 orbit's capasity is 2. and the second orbits's capasity is 8 and the 3,4's capacity is also 8.Protons have a positive charge ,electrons have negative charge and neutrons have no charge as it is neutral. The whole structure is called a ATOM . As there are both Positive and negative particals, it is naturally neutral.
Protons, neutrons an electrons are elementary particles.

Proton: 1,007 276 466 77(10) atomic mass units (u); positive electrical charge, component of the atomic nucleus, contain quarks and gluons

Neutron: 1,008 664 915 6 (6) atomic mass units (u), neutral, component of the atomic nucleus, contain quarks and gluons

Electron: 5,485 799 094 3(23).10-4 atomic mass units (u), negative electrical charge, component of the atom
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What are the masses of a proton a neutron and an electron?

Answer The mass of a neutron is about one amu (atomic mass unit) and the mass of a proton is also about one amu. The neutron is very slightly more massive. However the mass of an electron is much, much less - around 1/1836th of an amu. The amu is now the unified atomic mass unit (u). Proton: 1, ( Full Answer )

What are electrons protons and neutrons?

They are the sub-atomic particles that make up an atom. At the center of the atom is a nucleus of protons (positive particles) and neutrons (neutral particles). Electrons are found in "clouds" orbiting the nucleus.

Is the electron or the neutron or the proton lighter?

The electron, the neutron and the proton are the building blocks of the atom. And of the three, the electron is far and away the lightest. The neutron is slightly heavier than the proton, and either particle is over 1800 times more massive than our little electron.

Describe a proton neutron and electron?

Protons, neutrons and electrons are subatomic particles. They are the three fundamental particles which make up atoms. Electrons are very tiny in comparison with protons and neutrons; protons and neutrons clump together as the nucleus of an atom whilst electrons zip around them in orbit. Protons ( Full Answer )

Can you compare protons neutrons and electrons?

Proton: 1,007 276 466 77(10) atomic mass units (u); positive electrical charge, component of the atomic nucleus Neutron: 1,008 664 915 6 (6) atomic mass units (u); neutral, component of the atomic nucleus Electron: 5,485 799 094 3(23).10 -4 atomic mass units (u); negative electrical charge, c ( Full Answer )

How do you find protons electrons and neutrons?

To find the number of protons, electrons, and neutrons of an atom, you have to take the atomic number of the atom and subtract it from the atomic weight. If the atomic weight of the atom is a decimal, you should round it to the nearest tenth. For Example: Atom: Sulfur Atomic Number: 16 Ato ( Full Answer )

What are electrons neutrons and protons made of?

Protons and neutrons are hadrons; they are made of quarks. Protons are composed of two up quarks and a down quark, while neutrons are composed of one up quark and two down quarks. The quarks are held together by gluons. Electrons are not composed of more fundamental particles; they are categorized ( Full Answer )

What is the size of a proton neutron and electron?

The electron is the smallest having about 1/1836th the mass of a proton or neutron, which means that basically an electron has no mass. The neutron and proton weigh the same both having a mass of 1.

Where are neutrons protons and electrons located?

neutrons, protons and electrons can be located in a atom The protons and neutrons are located in the atomic nucleus; the electrons are around the nucleus, arranged in shells.

What is bigger electrons protons or neutrons?

In decreasing mass order: neutrons, protons, electrons.\n. \nNeutrons are only very slightly more massive than protons; both of them are much more massive than electrons.

Is there electrons in protons and neutrons?

No. Electrons, protons and neutrons are all considered to be separate elementary particles. Each one of these particles is made up of even smaller particles. Note, though, that the each of the particles - electron, proton, and neutron - are not made up of each other. So, there are no electrons in pr ( Full Answer )

All about protons neutrons and electrons?

An atom (which consists of a single particle and are the simplest form of matter) is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons are positively charged, electrons are negatively charged and neutrons have no charge. In an atomic structure of an element, the proton and neutron are containe ( Full Answer )

What colors are the proton neutron and electron?

In Physics the term color may indicates two things, first the common understanding of colors, second, especially when speaking about particle physics, color may refer to a property of the Quarks. in the first case, Protons, Neutrons and Electrons doesn't have a color. Since color is waves with a ( Full Answer )

How many protons and electrons does a neutron have?

None. Protons and electrons are not constituents of a neutron. Both neutrons and protons are constituents of an atom's nucleus (core), while the electrons are situated in the electronic cloud around the nucleus.

How are protons neutrons and electrons different?

Protons have a positive (+) charge. . Neutrons have no charge. . Electrons have a negative (-) charge. . Proton and neutron are roughly the same size . Electrons are considerably smaller than protons or neutrons . Protons and neutrons have a relative atomic mass of 1 . The mass of electrons ( Full Answer )

Is hydrogen a proton neutron or a electron?

The isotope 1 H of hydrogen has 1 proton and 1 electron. If ionized, it consists of a proton (H + ). If formed anion (H - ), 2 electrons and 1 proton. When neutral, 1 proton, 1 electron, and a known number of neutrons depending on isotope.

Where are protons and neutrons found in an electron?

Protons and neutrons are not in electrons. protons and neutrons are the center or core of an atom. the electron(s) is/are found in a "cloud" along the outside edge of the atom. Hydrogen for example has 1 proton at its center and 1 electron floating around it keeping it neutral.

What does electrons protons neutrons mean?

Electrons, protons, and neutrons are different parts of an atom. The proton is positive and the electron is negative while the neutron is of both equally. Depending on the number of each is in an atom, is the type of atom you have.

Why do electrons orbit protons and neutrons?

Electrons orbit protons and neutrons because they are a much lighter particle (a proton weighs more than 2000 times as much as an electron) and because the negatively charged electron is attracted to the positively charged proton, and the attraction holds it on orbit (much as the gravitational attra ( Full Answer )

What is a neutron a proton and a electron?

an electron is a negatively charged particle a proton is a positively charged particle a neutron is a neutrally charged particle these particles make up every atom the neutrons and protons make up the nucleus while the electrons orbit around the nucleus an electron is about 1/2000 the size of a neu ( Full Answer )

What are atoms protons neutrons and electrons?

Atoms are the smallest building blocks that make everything up. They are comprised of Protons, which hold a positive charge and Neutrons, which have no charge, and electrons which hold a negative charge. The protons and neutrons are stuck together forming the center called the neucleus.. The Neucleu ( Full Answer )

Which is smaller proton neutron or electron?

The Electron is by far the smallest of the three. Protons are the same size and mass of the Neutron, and they are more than 1,800 times the mass of the electron. If you don't understand that, here's some form of a table of the masses of the 3 particles: . Electron: 1/1800 Neutron = 1/1800 Proton ( Full Answer )

How are electron neutron proton alike?

Neutrons and Protons are both Baryons, which are types of subatomic particles that are made up of three Quarks. Protons are made up of two Up Quarks (+2/3 charge each) and one Down Quark (-1/3 charge). A Neutron is made up of one Up Quark and two Down Quarks. Electrons are a completely different sto ( Full Answer )

Where are the protons neutrons and electrons in and atom?

Protons and neutrons are hadrons (heavier particles made up of quarks) that make up the nucleus of an atom. Protons are positively charged. Neutrons have no charge. Electrons are leptons (lighter particles) that are negatively charged and orbit the nucleus.

Where the protons neutrons and electrons are in an atom?

In an atom- the protons and neutrons are in thenucleus(aproximately centre) which makes the middle positivelycharged. The electrons are around the nucleus. The electrons areattracted to the nucleus because the nucleus is positivelycharged.

What is the proton neutron and electron for gold?

Gold is atomic number 79, so a gold atom has 79 protons. In general the number of electrons and neutrons cannot be uniquelydetermined just from the element's name, but in the specific caseof gold, the only stable isotope is 197Au, which has 118 neutrons,and a neutral gold atom will have 79 electrons ( Full Answer )