Atoms and Atomic Structure

What are protons neutrons and electrons?

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Electrons are basicly the connectors in the process of bonding.

The bond is determined by the amount of valence electrons the

element has. Protons and newtrons both make up the atomic mass of

all elements. Protons are positively charged, while Neutrons are

neutral (hence the name), and attract the negatively charged

electrons to the nucleus, where they both reside. BY MANOJ-Neutrons

are also those who prevents the protons to get out of the

nucleus.There are two charges in the nucleus 1-neutron 2-proton

.And the electrons revolve around it in its orbit like the planets.

The 1 orbit's capasity is 2. and the second orbits's capasity is 8

and the 3,4's capacity is also 8.Protons have a positive charge

,electrons have negative charge and neutrons have no charge as it

is neutral. The whole structure is called a ATOM . As there are

both Positive and negative particals, it is naturally


Protons, neutrons an electrons are elementary particles.

Proton: 1,007 276 466 77(10) atomic mass units (u); positive

electrical charge, component of the atomic nucleus, contain quarks

and gluons

Neutron: 1,008 664 915 6 (6) atomic mass units (u), neutral,

component of the atomic nucleus, contain quarks and gluons

Electron: 5,485 799 094 3(23).10-4 atomic mass units (u),

negative electrical charge, component of the atom

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