What are questions that don't provide enough information for WikiAnswers?

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That comes up all the time. People compose a question saying "Which of the following is not a cause of WW I?" (for example) yet they haven't listed anything following that question, and we who answer questions have no idea what they are talking about. Or the question is completely incoherent. "You are marble, in unexpected prehensile." It doesn't mean anything, therefore it can't be answered.
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Why don't WikiAnswers questions have dates for when they were asked and answered?

Answer . You can find all the dates related to the history of a question and its answers by clicking the History of Changes link on the left side when you are logged in.. We've experimented with listing the dates prominently, but currently we decided it clutters things up too much. There's alrea ( Full Answer )

Why does WikiAnswers not give out information to questions asking how to get around blocks that schools place on their computers?

No Information Given Out . I believe the information would be considered illegal. Even if it's not, WikiAnswers does not have the authority to give out information that teaches students how to get around a decision that has been made by the owners of any equipment. Here's a thought, though. Since ( Full Answer )

Can you answer questions on WikiAnswers?

Yes, questions can be answered by anyone, whether you have an account or not. We encourage you to share your knowledge here on WikiAnswers!

Why do you let people answer the questions on WikiAnswers because the say stupid things why don't you answer them yourselves?

WikiAnswers is a wiki, that means that answers are collectively written. No single person answers all the questions. People will submit answers that they believe to be correct, then someone else comes along and expands on it, eventually it will be the best possible answer. But, some people answer ju ( Full Answer )

Why don't people Google their questions instead of posting them on WikiAnswers?

Google has lots of information, and in many cases it has too much. Someone looking for an answer, particularly one that is based on experience, has a much better chance of finding something more quickly here then on a search engine. Additionally, many technical questions are answered here in "Englis ( Full Answer )

How does information get into WikiAnswers?

different people who know the information that you are looking for, answer the question for you, and other people may edit it to fix grammar and report if its inappropriate...

Who provides WikiAnswers?

Anyone can answer the questions, but a team of dedicated people answer the majority. These regular answerers can be recognized by their high trust point totals. The same team also attempts to vet and correct misleading or abusive answers.. The people of the Internet help answer questions!! .

Why does WikiAnswers not answer my question?

It may take time for the WikiAnswers community to give you an answer to your question. Sometimes your question may have been answered already in a different wording. Wiki Answers is a website where you can ask a question and most of the time find the answer. All people 13 and up can provide the ( Full Answer )

Why is it that when I answer a question and I am not logged on to WikiAnswers it says at the bottom that the question was created by ID43676 and so on and is this something I don't want people to see?

To answer your first question, if you are not logged in or are an unregistered user asking a question or contributing to the site in any way, it shows up as an ID followed by several numbers (it is basically a temporary mark given to random unregistered or not logged-in contributors who do not want ( Full Answer )

Can you answer a question on WikiAnswers?

Yes Yes, of course! Simply click on the orange button that states "Answer Question". Yes they can but be warned, WikiAnswers will lie I have proof! My friend said one time that she looked up what a thunderstorm was made up of and it said BANANA'S!

Where does WikiAnswers get its information?

From people like you and I - users who visit the site. The WikAnswers site is global - viewed by millions, perhaps billions of people world-wide. They are an absolutely huge source of information on just about any subject you can think of !

Why don't people search Google before asking questions on WikiAnswers?

You have to remember that many people here do not understand how Search Engines like Google, and therefore cannot use such sites. If everyone used Google or sites like that instead of asking us, it would partially defeat the object of WikiAnswers. The above is not entirely true, because there are ( Full Answer )

You don't like WikiAnswers because they don't answer every question you ask is it true?

It definitely could be true for some people that they don't like WikiAnswers because they don't get an answer to every question they ask. However, I don't think it is true for everyone. This is a great place for people to share knowledge and help each other, and although some questions are really ha ( Full Answer )

Why does the person on WikiAnswers who answers the question not provide a specific source which would give much more credibility?

Many do give sources. They are just not in the answers themselves.They might be in Related Links, which are listed on the left sideof the question under Question Tools. Answers.com had developed a policy of not permitting links withinanswers, because that attracted a lot of advertisers and it can b ( Full Answer )

Don't you hate it when WikiAnswers turn into answer dot com when you ask a question?

Yeah! I've alway Hated that! If you ask a question you probably want the answer not a website to go to! If you look just above the Green Ask Ba r, you will see three little radio buttons entitled, All Sources, Community Q and A and Reference . Make sure that The Community Q&A button has the d ( Full Answer )

Where are your questions on WikiAnswers?

After your question is typed into the box at the top that says 'enter a question or phrase' and is submitted WikiAnswers will ask what categories you would like to place the question into. After selecting the categories and clicking on okay the question will be placed in those categories. If you ( Full Answer )

Why do you answer questions on WikiAnswers?

The Joy of Answering Our contributors tell us why they answerquestions: . Because it's fun, and it gives people a chance to share (andsometimes, to show off) their knowledge. . It makes you feel good inside. . You are addicted to answering questions. . You want to get that pretty "Ruby Con ( Full Answer )

How do you write more than the lines provided in the WikiAnswers question box?

You can't write more than that in a question, sorry. We limit the length of questions on purpose, because we want questions on this site to be applicable to everyone, and usually the longer they get, the more specific to one human being they are. If someone has a relationship problem, we want them t ( Full Answer )

Why does WikiAnswers answer questions?

WikiAnswers answers questions because they liked to help people who cannot answer certain questions. ... but sometimes, us Wikianswerers would like Wikiquestioners to do a bit of work for themselves - like doing their own term papers (!)

How should you answer a question that requires more information to be answerable on WikiAnswers?

That depends on what information is needed. If you can give ageneral answer, but need more specifics to narrow it down, thenoffer what you can. If there are a few different options, then givethe options. If the question is completely unanswerable because it lacks someessential bit of information, t ( Full Answer )

Why don't people answer logical questions on Wikianswers?

Because all the people that enter this site or join are those who don't want to be bothered with the research. If anyone is offended by my answer, please answer all those questions that have been unanswered yet are taught in schools all over the world.

Do you have to answer questions to be on WikiAnswers?

No, it is not necessary to answer questions to be a member of WikiAnswers. While we encourage members to ask and answer questions, it is not required. There are other opportunities available on WikiAnswers, and we are growing all the time. Take a look at the Community Forum. Make use of your bio ( Full Answer )

Why don't more people answer questions on WikiAnswers?

There are many, many, many people that answer questions on WikiAnswers. The only reason why it seems that not very many people are answering questions is because there are questions being submitted almost every 5 seconds.

Why do people ask questions that don't have enough information to be answered?

People generally do not think that others would not know what they are talking about if they use pronouns like you, them, it, etc. or do not provide all the information necessary for another to answer the question. They do not stop to think that in order to communicate their question well, they have ( Full Answer )

What questions have enough information to be answered on WikiAnswers?

For a question to have enough information to be answered, the asker can't just assume someone knows what they mean. Be very specific. If you are asking about a specific person, place, or thing, use the name, and not the pronoun. X = What books did she write? √ = What books did JK Rowling w ( Full Answer )

What questions do not have enough information to be answered on Answers.com?

Questions such as "In the following diagram - which is the larger area" or "How long does it take to get from New York to San Francisco" - In the first question - it's obvious that the asker is wanting a homework question answered - but browser limitations mean they can't actually show us the diagra ( Full Answer )

How do you add more information below the main question on WikiAnswers?

You can't. There is a discussion area, where you can talk more about the question or specifics related to your situation if you like... but by design, we want the main question to be limited and to not have more information than you can write in the question area. This is so that the questions are m ( Full Answer )

Is WikiAnswers useful and don't say that my question doesn't have enough info?

Yes, WikiAnswers can be useful. It helped me learn how to replace the door handle on my car. It has helped me learn other things as well. I wouldn't say that it is always useful... there is a lot that needs to be cleaned up on the site, and I try to help clean up when I come across something that is ( Full Answer )

Why don't you answer questions fast enough?

You have to remember - this is not a 'live' site(like a chatroom) - it's a forum - where peoplepost questions, and need to wait for someone toanswer them ! If you need an 'instant' answer - you're better offlogging into a chatroom !

Why don't questions and answers have publication dates on WikiAnswers?

If you are a registered member, you can always see data relating tothe time-frame of questions and answers - in the question history(the link is on the left of each screen). The question history -lists when the question was asked, if it was merged with anotherquestion - and when it was answered. Th ( Full Answer )