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Q: What are quinceaneras?
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Who invented quinceaneras?

the aztecs invented quinceaneras in 500b.c

Do girls in chile have quinceaneras?


How did quinceaneras start?

it started in Mexico but we don't know the year when it started

What is the meaning of the madrina in a quinceanera?

Its wen a gurl turns 15 she has a quinceaneras

What are the ratings and certificates for Austin and Ally - 2011 Club Owners and Quinceaneras 1-8?

Austin and Ally - 2011 Club Owners and Quinceaneras 1-8 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-G

Do all states in Mexico celebrate quinceaneras?

It is a cultural tradition, not a regional one; the answer is yes.

Mis quince anos gifts?

Because it is considered the passage from little girl to womanhood, traditionally quinceaneras were given the first piece of "real jewelry". Although of course, nowadays many quinceaneras already have "real jewelry". Any gift should do.

Where are quinceaneras celebrated?

Latin America

Who makes a hot dress for quinceaneras?

cocktail dress is nice in red or black soild colors

What nicknames does Isabella Martinez Wall go by?

Isabella Martinez Wall goes by The Fairy Godmother of Quinceaneras.

Where quinceaneras celebrated?

mostly in some latin American countries and Mexico

What are the differences between the American family and the hispanic family?

well they have quinceaneras, which is celebrating a 15 year old birthday

Can a guy have a quinceniera?

Yes. A lot of Catholic parents have their boys celebrate quinceaneras, but it is generally not as big a deal as for girls.

Do boys celebrate quinceaneras?

boys can atend. the brother and the girl now a women ussaly have a special ballroom dance.

What is associated with quinceaneras?

In the Hispanic culture a quinceanera is held on a girl's 15th birthday. It is a coming of age ceremony, with some religious and cultural rites. It does usually involve a wonderful dress for the girl, a large family party with a meal, music and dancing.

What country celebrates Quinceaneras?

Most south and central American countries, Cuba, Puerto Rico, And DR also celebrate a girls 15th birthday with a Quinceanera, I am Hispanic and i live in America(Florida) in America people with Hispanic and Latino backgrounds also Celebrate.

How do they get invitations out about their quinceaneras?

Same as Sweet Sixteen parties. If you cannot find pre-printed ones where you live, get blank party invitations and fill that in yourself. For your non-Hispanic friends, tell them it's like a Sweet Sixteen party, but in your culture , you celebrate this step to womanhood a year earlier.

Why do people celebrate a Quinceanera?

Hispanic people celebrate a quiceanera because it is celebrating a young girl turning 15. It is a Hispanic tradition, other races have a sweet 16 but not for the following countries: Spain, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Chile, Ecuador, Panama, El Salvador, Peru, Cuba, Uruguay, Paraguay, Columbia, Costa Rica, Argentina, y Bolivia. The Quinceaneras usually have a Chambelan which means, a boy dances with the Quinceanera for one song. There also includes a Father/Daughter dance, just like the sweet 16. Since a lot of Hispanic people celebrate parties at night then that is when the Quinceanera takes place, and will last for like about 3 or 4 hours, if you start at 8PM Most of the Quinceaneras have a band or singer play at their party as well. A lot of Hispanic girls enjoy this time of their life!

What do girls' wear to Quinceaneras'?

For guests: Traditionally a Quinceanera is known to be a big party for a Spanish/Latin 14 year old coming to the age of 15, this is a very big deal in a hispanic girl's life. It is often treated as a 'wedding' so basically, wear something you would to a wedding to the party.For Girl: A Pink or White dress that looks as if it was a wedding dress.

Why do they celebrate quinceaneras?

The Quinceanera, in Latin American culture is a coming of age ceremony held on a girl's 15th birthday. Like many other coming of age ceremonies, the celebration is associated with the Quinceañera "becoming a woman". The celebration begins with a religious ceremony in which the Quinceañera affirms her faith. It is customary for the Quinceañera to receive gifts that are religious in nature such as a cross or medal, a Bible prayer book, rosary, or scepter, and these gifts are often a part of the ceremony. Godparents play a significant role in the preparations for the Quinceaños, often handling arrangements for the party, church and celebration. The event is the culmination of their responsibility in the church to oversee the religious upbringing of their goddaughter.

What are the Special Birthdays other than 13 16 21 and 40?

All birthdays are special. But if you're talking about milestone birthdays, different cultures honor different ages for difference reasons. For example, in many Hispanic countries, 15 is significant for a girl ("quinceaneras"). Among Jews, 12 is significant for a girl ("bat mitzvah"). At one time in the U.S. and Canada, 16 was significant for a girl ("sweet 16") but this is no longer widespread. General milestones, are "decade" years, such as 40, 50, or 60, but there are no rules, and every person is different. In some parts of the U.S., if your age matches the day of the day of the you were born, it's called your "golden birthday."

What is the difference between a bat mitzvah and a quinceanera?

A bat mitzvah is when a Jewish girl takes on the religious responsibilities of an adult and this is a religious ceremony. A quinceanera is a 15th birthday celebration that is held in parts of Latin America and is the transition from girl to woman. A quinceanera isn't religious in nature. ((Correction: A Quinceanera is extremely religious, usually as a Catholic event. Before the actual event the quinceanera and her family go to a mass where the priest blesses the quinceanera and she confirms her faith in the church and it's teachings. The quinceanera signifies her becoming an adult not just socially but religiously - she is an adult in the eyes of the church. A quinceanera represents the fact that the girl now has responsibilities as an adult and should not be made out to be as meaningless as a sweet 16. The difference between Bat Mitzvahs and Quinceaneras? One is a Jewish celebration and the other is a Catholic celebration.))

What religion Selena gomez is?

Selena Gomez said: "My family does have quinceaneras, and we go to the communion church. We do everything that's catholic, but we don't really have anything traditional except go to the park and have barbeques on Sundays after church." She wouldn't go out with boys, or own 5 dogs, or show her hair, or wear a bikini, or sing songs, ETC if she was a Muslim use ur common sense! She is not Arabian she might look half Asian and all but she ain't. Her dad is a Mexican American and her mum is from a Italian decendence. She was named after a Tejanio singer, she wasnt named because its a Muslim name. I am a Muslim and I like Selena Gomez but I accept the fact that she is Christian I don't fight over her religion if u really did like her you would accept her religion not fight about it!! And here is your proof : This answer is by Safiya .m.n. I have answered this question on aswell so ur welcome.