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What are ram chips used for?

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RAM is an acronym for "Random Access Memory", meaning that the computer can write to the memory and later read from it. Computers read information from disk or outside sources such as the internet or peripheral devices, and writes data to the RAM. Typically the RAM is fast memory that allows the computer to read and write the data quickly, allowing applications (programs) to run at high speed. The "Random" nature of the memory means that the computer can write then read or write at any time, randomly as is necessary by the computer operating system or other applications.

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Which RAM chips and flash memory chips are used for high speeds and consumes little power?


How do you identify ddr1 ram and ddr2 ram?

DDR2 RAM is slightly smaller and has square chips. DDR1 RAM has rectangular chips.

How can differentiate the ddr1 ram and ddr 2 ram on physical look?

DDR2 RAM is slightly smaller and has square chips. DDR1 RAM has rectangular chips.

Memory chips used to store fixed start-up instructions?


If cache chips are faster than RAM so why don't we built RAM using the cache chips?

short answer : cache chip is more expensive than ram

How many RAM chips does a computer have?

A computer can have from anywhere up to four ram chips depending on the manufacturer. Most companies only use 2.

What are computer chips and what are some examples of chips in a computer?

Computer chips are I.C.s (Integrated Circuits) exaples of which are Memory (RAM Chips) CPU Processor, Video Chips.

What materials are RAM cards made from?

RAM is made out of Memory chips which contains the memory

What difference in virtual memory and ram?

Virtual memory is memory taken from your HDD and converted into ram. Ram is the actual memory chips installed in the memory modules on your motherboard that are used for running processes,programs(etc.)

Can gigabyte ram on a laptop extend?

A 1 gigabyte RAM can extend by buying RAM upgrade chips, and inserting them into your computer.

What type of computer chips are said to be volatile?

Dram chips

Where do RAM chips usually reside?

Memory Modules

What is a product from Idaho besides potatoes?

RAM chips.

Can you use 512 MB ram and 1 GB ram together?

Most computers have space for 2 ram chips so this includes your 512 and 1 gb ( it should work as long as it is the correct chips for your computer)

Where is simm is used in computer?

SIMM (Single Inline Memory Module), is a form of RAM (Random Access Memory) It is a ram chip with memory chips on one side. A DIMM (Dual Inline Memory Module) is like a SIMM, but has memory chips on both sides.

Is there a benefit to installing new RAM chips in pairs?

Installing RAM in pairs can save time and money.

The circuit board that contains RAM chips is known as?


What are responsible for storing permanent data and instructions?

RAM chips

What is a circuit board that contains RAM chips is known as?


Will Windows Vista ram work on Windows 7?

No reason why not - since the configuration of the RAM chips has nothing to do with the operating system. So long as the computer you're transferring the RAM chips to is capable of running Windows 7 - it should be fine.

How to calculate the size of RAM?

You calculate the size of RAM by going into your computer's control panel, looking up system information, and see how much RAM is there. If you're asking about the ACTUAL chips you can load up your computer's diagnostic program and it can tell you what slots hold what size RAM chips.

Small circuit board on which RAM chips reside?

Memory module

What is ddr3 pc10600 1333mhz?

They are RAM (memory) chips for use in a computer.

What tools or equipment do you need to install RAM?

RAM chips Screwdriver Anti-static wristband or other grounding device

What is the ram of an Intel Pentium 4 processor?

The RAM of an Intel Pentium 4 processor was as high as 1GB or 2GB. The chips were made between 2000 and 2008 before being replaced by dual core chips.