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What are reasons for being anti Vietnam?

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Being drafted (Conscripted) into the military to fight in Vietnam, was the number one reason for being "anti" during the war.

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What is SOS Vietnam?

It was the Women's Anti-War Movement in Australia that was both anti Vietnam War but also anti conscription.

Are there images of flowers being placed in MP's rifles in an anti Vietnam war protest?


What did media coverage of the war in Vietnam lead to?

Because of coverage of the Vietnam War being displayed in the media, this lead to Anti-War movements thorughout the U.S.

Who was against Australia being in the Vietnam War?

Anti-war/anti-draft protesters and rioters. More than 19,000 Australian draftees served in the Viet War.

What was the reason for ending the draft after Vietnam?

The "draft" (conscription) is what caused the protests and riots. Under the disquise of "being anti-war."

Why was the anti war movement important in the Vietnam war?

Anti-war movement=Anti-draft movement

Anti-war movement Vietnam?

Draft riots (burning their draft cards).

Why were there so many australians opposed to Australia's involvement in the Vietnam war?

For the same reasons anti-war sentiment was rampant in the US; the military draft. If the war continued on, those protesters might be the next draftees! 19,000 Australian draftees fought in the Vietnam War. The sooner the war ended, the better the chances were of NOT being inducted into the military.

Is the answer anti-communist north vietnames or pro-communis north Vietnamese?

North Vietnam was pro-communist. South Vietnam was anti-communist.

What groups were against the Vietnam War in Australia?

A wide variety of Australians were against Australia's involvement in the Vietnam war, especially young Australians, who were being conscripted to help The USA bolster an unpopular government in Vietnam for strategic reasons.

What was the result of the Geneva accord?

Vietnam was split into to parts, north Vietnam which would be communist, and south Vietnam which would be anti-communist.

What was the solution for the anti Vietnam war movement?

The anti-war movement fizzled out with the draft in about 1973.

For what three reasons was Australia involved in the Vietnam War?

* Support the US policy of containment * Australia had alliance commitments * Concerns over Indonesia * Support for US in Vietnam as insurance policy * Fear of communism * Belief in the 'domino theory' * Menzies government policy of anti-communism * Fear of Australia being taken over by south Vietnam * The United States was also a powerful ally providing Australia with protection in case of attack

What countries were fighting each other in Vietnam war?

Communist north Vietnam was fighting the anti-Communist south Vietnam who had the help of America

Who were pro and anti the Vietnam War and how did they support their opinions?

haws were pro war doves were anti war

What protest went on during the Vietnam war?

Anti-War/Anti-Draft protests and riots. The "draft" fed the anti-war protests.

What anti communist South Vietnam president canceled elections that were supposed to unify Vietnam?

Ngo Dien Diem

What were the reasons for entering the Vietnam War?

To prevent Communist North Vietnam from taking over the (non-communist) Republic of South Vietnam.

What were 4 reasons why the Vietnam war started?

money religion reasons land and for peace

Antiwar groups Vietnam war?

The primary concern with the anti-war groups, was being personally involved with it. Had there been no draft (conscription), the anti-war demsonstrations would not have been that intense. Masses of people normally don't riot...unless they are involved...being drafted INVOLVED THEM!

Anti-war movement in America?

Anti-Draft movement disguised as an anti-war movement. People didn't care about the war (most people didn't even know where Vietnam was anyway); they just didn't want to be forced to go there (by being drafted into the US Army or US Marine Corps).

What were the anti-war movement against the Vietnam?

3/4's of it was actually anti-draft movements.

What were the reasons for the Vietnam war to be fought?

to fight communism

How did the americans react to the Vietnam war?

Vietnam split public opinion between pro-war and anti-war factions.

What were the reasons for us involement in Vietnam in the mid 1950's?

Communist infiltration into South Vietnam.