What are rebounds?

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When a ball is missed and a person from the same team shoots the ball into the Basketball hoop.

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Q: What are rebounds?
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Related questions

What does OR and DR stand for in basketball regarding rebounds?

OR - Offensive Rebounds DR - Defensive Rebounds

How many rebounds did Kansas have in 2012?

17 rebounds

What do RO and RD and RT stand for in Basketball stats?

Rebounds, offensive Rebounds, defensive Rebounds, total

If you average 4 rebounds a game for 82 games how many rebounds is that?

4 x 82 = 328 total rebounds.

How can you get rebounds with Kobe Bryant as a shooting guard?

Bryant rebounds well for a guard, but would have even more rebounds if he cheated of his man.

Who has the most rebounds in nba playoff game?

Wilt Chamberlin with 41 rebounds

Most rebounds in a single professional basketball game?

Wilt Chamberlain....55 rebounds.

How many rebounds has shaquille o'neal have?

Shaquille O'neal has 12,566 rebounds in his NBA career.

Who has Most rebounds in NBA game by one player?

55 rebounds set by wilt chamberlain

How many rebounds did Michael Jordan get in his career?

this hause cat had 24,753 offense of rebounds in his career

Average rebounds rookie year for Kobe Bryant?

An Average of 1.9 Rebounds Per Game

How many rebounds did Michael Jordan make in his nba career?

he caught over 100 rebounds

How many rebounds did Lebron James average in the 2009 season?

7.6 rebounds per game. career average of 7.0 rebounds per game. season high for '09 would be 15 rebounds. career high rebounding would be 19.

What is a rebounder?

someone who rebounds

What NBA star once had 55 rebounds in a game?

Wilt Chamberlain once had 55 rebounds in a game.

How many rebounds did Magic Johnson grab in his career?

Magic Johnson grabbed a total of 6,559 rebounds during his NBA career. He grabbed 1,601 offensive rebounds and 4,958 defensive rebounds. Johnson had a career average of 7.2 RPG (1.8 ORG and 5.5 DRG).

What is wilts game high rebounds in one game?

His career high rebounds is also the leagues most rebound during a single game which is 55 rebounds in a game against the Boston celtics

How many rebounds did Pistons' Rasheed Wallace grab during the 2004-05 season?

possibly 644 Rebounds

Do offensive rebounds count in the basketball stat book?

yes, they have their own separate category, but are included in total rebounds

How can i get rebounds with Kobe Bryant as a shooting guard in NBA live 2009?

how can i get rebounds with koe Bryant as a shooting guard

Who is the NBA all time leader in rebounds?

Wilt Chamberlain is the NBA all time leader in rebounds with 23,924

Who holds the record for most rebounds in an NCAA Tournament game?

Fred Cohen (Temple) with 34 rebounds in 1956.

How many rebounds did Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have?

From 1969 to 1989, Kareem Abdul Jabar had a total of 17, 440 rebounds.

What NBA player holds record for most rebounds in a single season?

That is Wilt Chamberlain with 2,149 rebounds in the 1960-61 season.

When a ball of mass is thrown from a height of 7 meters it rebounds to 5 meters What is the height of the ball the instant it rebounds?

Zero meters