What are recommendations on bread makers?


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I have the OSTER brand and love it! I've had three others but was unable to get proper customer support with them when something went wrong or if I needed additional information.

Frustration with those others led me to an online group at Yahoo and the majority of folks who answered my query recommended the OSTER brand. I've had it for almost 2 years now and LOVE IT!!

I've also been able to get online at and get answers right away for any problems or parts.

you in your quest!

I have a Zojirushi that I have had for about 15 years with no problems. Whatever brand you buy, buy the larger capacity. It keeps your options open if you ever want to buy prepackaged breads. I have noticed that most instructions indicate that you have to measure the mix if you have a smaller capacity breadmaker.


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Bread is perhaps one of the favored food items of every family, and having bread makers at home makes it relatively easy to prepare it. Apart from making bread making convenient, it is also perfect for working mothers, as this device helps you save time in baking the bread that your family loves. Given the various designs and brands available in the market today, which one should you buy? Here are some things to consider when procuring bread makers: • Determine the amount of bread that your family can consume. The preferred type of bread should also be considered, as there are bread makers which can be used to bake a specific type of bread only. • Make sure that there is enough space in your kitchen to station your bread maker. Take note of the dimensions of the space, as this will also help you choose the right kind of bread maker. • If you prefer to add more ingredients to the dough, such as fruits or nuts, look for bread makers with buzzers that will signal you to add those preferred ingredients. • Bread makers that can make dough, but not cook it, are perfect for individuals who love to eat pizza or cinnamon rolls. • To avoid bread from getting burnt while maintaining its freshness, look for bread makers with a “keep warm” function. This is also helpful for those who just place the dough inside the device and leave it there. • There are also bread makers with delay timers that allow slow baking of the dough. This is very good for preparing bread that is expected to be served at dinner or early breakfast. Different types of bread makers present in the market can be confusing for buyers like you. But being able to discern the right kind that would suit your needs will help you get the perfect bread maker.

Bread makers can do the whole job for you. Mixers only do the mixing; you then have to bake it yourself. You are better off getting the bread maker.

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Reviews on Sunbeam brand bread makers can be seen on Amazon's website. They can also be seen on Wal-Mart's website, and Canadian Tire's website. Not all models of bread makers are sold at each store, so check each one for different reviews.

This is probably because of the way pizza makers toss the bread/dough. Rolled, it can by any shape.

A bread maker includes the main body, lid, baking pan receptacle, a heater, steam vent, rotating shaft, kneading blade, and a control panel. Some bread makers also have viewing windows.

You're doing exactly the same homework as me, aren't you?

Your best bet would be to contact the manufacturer and ask them. They might have specific recommendations or this might even come under warranty.

At WhatsCookingDad you can find the best Bread Machines to Buy we have elaborated on the bread machines in detail and bring 10 The Best Bread Makers 2020 tried and tested, to save your time and money. Also, it clears the doubts and gives you a thousand reasons to understand the importance of bread maker to make your health and life.

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The West Bend Automatic Bread and Doughmaker 41063 is one of the first bread makers from the manufacturer for the home. While the specific manual can be obtained online or in a PDF, the basics of use rather similar across the board, wet ingredients first, dry and yeast last.

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most of the bread makers tell you to put all liquids in first then all dry ingredients and then make a depresson in the flour and put the yeast in and make sure it doesn't touch any liquid ..

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