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What are recommended perfumes?

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Lily Pulitzer's line of fragrances are GREAT. They include Beachy, Squeeze, and Wink.

i really like to play around with perfumes and this is what i found that's good:

1. vera wang

2. salvator ferragamo

3. Jean Paul Galtier

4. Love Rocks- at Victorias Secret

5. Britney Spears

6. Viva La Juicy is my all time fave!

2011-09-13 18:49:41
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Q: What are recommended perfumes?
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Do perfumes have sunscreen?

No, perfumes do not have sunscreen.

What retailers sell Burberry perfumes?

Burberry perfumes are sold by the Burberry company. The perfumes are known for their quality and good smells. You can also buy Burberry perfumes from Amazon.

Are there any perfumes for men?

Yes There are many Perfumes available in market Right now i am using "DESIRE FOR MEN BY ALFRED DUNHILL" This masculine scent possesses a blend of warm and sensual fruits and wood, with low notes of vanilla and musk. It is recommended for romantic wear.

What are impression perfumes?

Impression perfumes are perfumes that make an impression of an animal. Like when you buy it and open the box, it makes an impression of a choice animal.

Who invented perfumes?

I was Shocked my own self but Arabs made the perfumes :D

What are perfumes that begin with letter l?

list perfumes beginning with letter L

How can protect ozone from perfumes?

Ozone protects from UV rays. Perfumes deplete it.

What perfumes are similar to Opium Perfume?

what perfumes are somewhat similar to Opium perfume

What does la parfumerie mean in English?

La parfumerie is the shop where perfumes are sold. This could also be: the factory where perfumes are made, or perfumes in general as products.

Where can someone purchase the Chanel perfumes online?

For the most selection of Chanel perfumes one should go to Chanel's website. There are a few other sites that offer Chanel perfumes such as Perfumes Direct and My Shopping websites.

What types of perfumes for women are highly recommended right now?

If your wife enjoys a particular scent you may wish to choose something similar smelling. Some of the most popular selling perfumes right now include Lucky You by Liz Claiborne, Wonderstruck by Taylor swift, and burberry brit by Burberry.

Where can one buy perfumes for less money?

You can purchase discount perfumes online from stores such as Macy's. Alternatively, you can purchase discount perfumes online from retailers such as Amazon.

How do you find average weight of perfumes?

You can find the weight of perfumes at the lower part of the bottle.

Does Flipkart supply original perfumes?

Yes they supply original perfumes at good prices.

Where can I buy discount perfumes?

Perfumes can be found at discount rates from websites such as Amazon and FragranceNet. Both of these websites have a wide variety of perfumes and colognes for sale at discount prices.

What perfumes are made in France?

Perfumes that are made in France are Dior, Channel and Yves St Laurent.

How many different types of Louis Vuitton perfumes are there?

there is a lot of Louis Vuitton perfumes in stores

What permission and licences would be required to make perfumes?

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Are issey miyake perfumes tested on animals?

Yes, the Issey Miyake perfumes are usually tested on animals. Just like the other types of perfumes, they have to be tested on the animals first.

What are some perfumes made by Clinique?

"Clinique has about 19 different perfumes in their fragrance base. Some of these perfumes are aromatics elixir, chemistry, and clinique happy for men and one for women."

What is the collective noun for perfume?

There is no specific collective noun for perfume, in which case use a noun that will suit the situation, such as a collection of perfumes or a display of perfumes; if you want to be more fanciful, a plethora of perfumes or a profusion of perfumes.

Where can one purchase discounted perfumes?

There are many places online where one can purchase discounted perfumes. These include Half Price Perfumes, Cheap-Perfume, Fragrance Direct and Discount Perfumes UK.

What are some popular perfumes sold on 1stperfume?

1stperfume sells many discounted perfumes. Some popular perfumes sold include DKNY, Calvin, Vera Wang, Britney Spears, DiorDolce, Jessica Parker, and much more. More popular perfumes are shown on the website.

Where To Buy Angel Perfume For Women?

Hey You can Buy Angel Perfumes for women from PerfumeCrush Website In this Website you can Buy 5 angel Perfumes. This is a great Website of Perfumes & DEO.

What stores sell Dunhill perfumes?

Some stores that sell Dunhill perfumes include "Perfume Toronto" and "1001 Fragrance". Each offers perfumes at discount prices and has good shipping promotions.