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The problems I encounter with my 2000 daewoo lanos hatchback are: chuck on hatchback door... after 50 000 km direction (wheel direction after 105 000 km caoutchouc on the top of chock at rear wheels km 95 000 km Rear breaks, the kinda "glue" together with the wheel when i don't use the car for a period (ex 1-2 weeks) front suspension, looks unstable "smooth fixed" sensor on frequently about check engire regarding "air pollution?? something like that" Ha, and my air conduit broke.. I don't know how!!! but i had to change the conduit and the air filter. The last thing is about everthing on the front wheels... i think i changed almost everypart of those wheels! Nicolas B. Canada, Qu

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โˆ™ 2005-04-19 23:07:57
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Q: What are recurring problems on a 2000 Daewoo Lanos SE hatchback?
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There is an awnser to this on page 1. It lists all the codes that can be entered.

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Daewoo Lanos was created in 1997.

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it is produced in Ukraine (daewoo-zaz). Zaporijjya GM makes daewoo lanos

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To the best of my knowledge Daewoo ceased Lanos production in 1992.

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Sounds very much like the distributor

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Hi, here is a pic of a 1999 Daewoo Lanos Motor Regards Pacnat1

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My mom had a 4 door daewoo leganza and my sister a 2 door daewoo lanos hatchback. Those cars are a piece, and the parts are difficult if not impossible to find. Id say its time to go looking for another used car.

Is it possible to tow a Daewoo Lanos with a Daewoo Lanos?

Yes it is. Every vehicle is designed to tow at least 1 times its own weight.

When to change a cambelt on your Daewoo lanos 2001?

60,000 Mls. is recommended by Daewoo.

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Contact a Daewoo dealer

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In what year were Daewoo Lanos first manufactured?

Daewoo Lanos was first manufactured in 1997. At this time, they were only manufacturing sedans and the car model was a lot different than most of the more recent Daewoo Lanos cars a person would see on the market today.

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Can a 2001 Daewoo Lanos run on ethanol fuel?

No they can not.