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What are red spots located only on your stomach?

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To add more description..the are raised a little bit almost zit like. I don't think they would be from sweating because I sit in air conditioning all day. They have not showed up anywhere else on my body.

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Small red spots on stomach?

Small red spots on your stomach could be an irritation from a detergent or lotion. If it gets worse or spreads, visit you doctor

What are red itchy spots on stomach?

maybe exma?

What are non-itchy and long lasting red raised spots mostly on your stomach back and chest?

What is four red spots on stomach different sizes, that don't itch?

Why do you have red spots on your stomach not itchy?

Did you try a new soap? Could be from that.

What causes red blotchy spots on your stomach if you're not pregnant?

Red, blotchy spots on your stomach definitely isn't pregnancy related. It may be a allergic reaction to perfume, soap products, clothes fibres. Anything.

What is a rash that you get all over your chest back and stomach which is just loads of tiny red spots and only occasionally itchy?

what is a rash that is all over ones back, stomach, and chest?

Red spots on stomach that get larger?

a high possibility of ring worm!!:o

You have big circular red spots all over stomach and back?

Big circular red spots all over stomach and back could be caused by a number of viruses. Some of these include the chicken pox, as well as shingles.

Red itchy spots on stomach back and arms?

The red itchy spots can be many different things. It could be some type of allergic reaction. It could also be poison ivy.

What do young red spotted newts look like?

Young red spotted newts have a red back a reder stomach and about 5 spots on each side.

What are non itchy and long lasting red raised spots mostly on your stomach back and chest?

a rash or zit

do ghost shrimps have red spots on them?

no they have pink spots on them if the spots are red they are highly poisoness

Where are the red markings located on a female black widow?

The Hourglass symbol is on its stomach.

What does it mean when you have an area of little red spots on your stomach?

It doesn't 'mean' anything. It may be just a rash. If you are worried visit your doctor.

What type of snake is red with black spots and a white stomach?

Bit of a vague description - but my first thought would be a Corn snake.

What are the small raised red spots on feet only called?

i have theses red spots on my feet and i don't no where they come from can you tell me what they are and is it a disesese thank you zoe parish aged 16

Can you use bleach on your skin to lighten red spots?

Only if you have an uncle bernard

What are red itchy spots on body and neck?

Basically, they are red itchy spots

What insects are in red color with black spots?

Ladybugs are red with back spots.

How many red spots are there on Jupiter?

There are two red spots on Jupiter, Great Red Spot and Red Spot Jr.

Why are great red spots on Jupiter so famous?

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What are the red spots on your stomach?

I'm not quite sure but I think it's because of a rash or stretch marks. I think remember I'm not quite sure.