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Take cars for the loan companies.

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Q: What are repo people allowed to do in California?
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What are repo people allowed to do in Pennsylvania?

they are allowed to only take the car and if you go after them they can call the police of try top fight you back

What is the repo man not allowed to do?

He's not allowed to repossess your baby. Note: Child welfare service workers are not repo men; they CAN take your baby.

What hours of operation are repo people allowed to work?

24hr operation, they dont stop looking for cars

Is hiding a repo a crime in California?


Can you legally hide the car from repo in California?


How long does it take a repo man to repo a car in California?

A long time if you hide it well!

California repo laws?

my work truck was repo and i retrived my truck back but my belonging are missing how can i get them back

California car repo laws?

to play safe, ask a lawyer and not depend on answers by people pretending to be of legal minds.

What can happen if you hide a vehicle from the repo man in California?

the repo man will get angry because he can't find your car, and they will probably call you and send you mail repeatedly because you owe them money or the car. they might decide to get the law involved, but i don't think they are allowed to do that.

Can a repo man come in your unlocked fence yard and repo your car in the backyard?

yes they are allowed on your property hide it in the garage if you have one

In Kansas can a repo agent enter a shed without a door on it to repo a wrecked and not drivable car if there are 2 other cars in its way?

In New Jersey we are not allowed to move other vehicles out of the way to perform a repo, and we are not allowed to enter dwellings, either physically or with equipment.

Are they allowed to drive your car during a repo Are they allowed to have keys to your car?

It isn't YOUR car until you have paid the lender.

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