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Scammers are people who operate their scam or scheme to get your money using unethical and sly means to gather information even from yourself to do so. Scheming thieves! A scammer is someone who lies about someting to try and get your money or other things.

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Q: What are scammers?
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Why is ROBLOX full of scammers?

Because it is a famous game

Are there online scammers in Malaysia?

On-line Scammers exist anywhere in the world, Malaysia is no exception

Are there scammers in US from dating sites?

AnswerAbsolutely. There are scammers everywhere. You have to be very careful with people online and on dating sites.

How do scammers take advantage of others?

Scammers play on the trust and naivete of their victims... and sometimes the victim's desire to "get away with something".

Are Thai girls scammers?


What actors and actresses appeared in Scammers - 2004?

The cast of Scammers - 2004 includes: Agnes Olech as Beauty Pagent Scammer

What computer game has scammers in it?

Animal jam

Lakewood financial management?

They're scammers specializing in the "advanced fee loan scam". They're scammers specializing in the "advanced fee loan scam".

Is tohebuy a legal business?

That is not a legal website.... they are scammers

Who are some scammers on animal jam?

shygirl0304 kitkats3500

Does animal jam have hackers?

Yes. Many scammers go undetected, but some are known, such as Skorm. But most known scammers are banned at the moment; we'll see how that keeps up

Are there at least 8917 ways to get ripped off by scammers?

At least. Since scammers are in a state of perpetual study in how to rip us all off, there is an infinite number of ways it can be done.

How do you find YoVille scammers?

ask them if they are they are usually quite forthcoming.

What are the release dates for The Steve Wilkos Show - 2007 Liars and Scammers Exposed?

The Steve Wilkos Show - 2007 Liars and Scammers Exposed was released on: USA: 17 December 2012

Is Deltas air cargo a legitimate cargo services company?

no they are scammers

Is Nixon university degree real or fake?

yes,its fake ,scammers

Which countries are the most scammers?

It would be a little unfair to point out a country unless someone has the actual statistics. However, a quick search would suggest Nigeria maybe the worst for online scams/scammers.

Why do check scammers change the micr numbers?

so it extends the float time

Is a legit site?

yes, it is because they would not be allowed to have a symbol if they were scammers

Free 10th prestige on modern warfare 2?

only if there hackers and scammers.

Is there girl named Angel Ramia at N'dioum Refugee Camp in Senegal?

they are scammers....

If you are scammed once will it happen again?

It is quite likely. Scammers have their networks too.

IS faraj mubid on the list of scammers in malaysia?

Faraj mubid can be anybody's name

What are the release dates for The Daily Orbit - 2012 Social Media Scammers 1-242?

The Daily Orbit - 2012 Social Media Scammers 1-242 was released on: USA: 19 August 2013

Does Publishers Clearing House have an email lottery?

Publishers Clearing House has been use by scammers sending email pretending to be a company. Keep in mind that scammers do not use their real names when defrauding people. The criminals either abuse names of real people or companies or invent names or addresses. Any real people or companies mentioned below have no connections to the scammers.