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Some believe that they have found that the ozone layer is being damaged, reported it.

Politicians have then pushed and been a pain-in-the-tush to make sure some candidate chemicals were banned while scientists continue to prove their theory.

They helped kill the Concorde, which was shown to damage the ozone layer.

(Not true! The Concord flight was discontinued due to age of the aircraft and a major incident killing everyone on board due to their age.)

Most of them are implementing personal choices that reduce their contributions to ozone layer depletion.

Most Science experts agree that the Ozone layer's thinning is only at the poles and only during their winter months. They realize that the vast bulk, if not all, of the thinning is natural and due to a lack of sunlight. The banning of chemicals that are heavier then air to help a portion of our atmosphere that is very high is actually a very hard sell. Logic and honesty can not be used. Items heavier then air seldom fly to levels of 50,000 feet.

They also realize that the greatest thinning (thus the largest hole) happened in the 1830's which was well before cfc's were in use. We know that this "hole" is caused by a lack of sunlight in the affected areas, not cfc's.

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Q: What are scientists doing to repair the ozone layer?
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How do scientists study the ozone layer?

Scientists study the ozone layer. They do it by satellites.

Does the ozone layer repair itself?

Yes. Scientists hope that it will be renewed by around 2050.

How do we know there is an ozone layer?

There is an ozone layer. Scientists have confirmed that.

How do you increase the ozone layer by spreading co2?

Carbon dioxide, CO2, has very little to do with the ozone layer. The ozone layer will repair itself if we stop damaging it, which we have, by banning CFCs, chlorofluorocarbon gases, the chlorine of which was destroying the ozone molecules. Scientists hope the ozone layer will be completely restored by 2060.

What have scientists discover about ozone layer?

Scientists have discovered shocking things about ozone. It is that ozone has a hole in it.

What can be done to repair the hole in the ozone layer?

In order to repair the ozone layer, we must decrease the use of ozone depleting substances. These are the ones containing CFC's which deplete the ozone layer.

How did you know that the ozone layer had a hole?

The ozone layer has a hole.It was proven by scientists.

What year do scientists think the ozone layer will have rebound?

Scientists hope the ozone layer will have recovered by around 2050.

How do you know that there is an ozone layer?

There is an ozone layer was confirmed by scientists. Charles Fabry discovered it.

When did scientists discover the ozone?

They did it in 1880. It is a layer of ozone molecules.

Why is ozone layer currently in danger?

See "What makes scientists think the ozone layer is thinning?"

Is the ozone layer really thinning?

The ozone layer is really thinning. This is evident from the study of scientists.

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