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What are secular beliefs?


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AnswerSecular systems use language and carved out content that is more open to interpretation and question. It is the root of confusion, devisiveness, and religious war in the world today. This gives explanation for various off-shoots and branched versions of primary and secondary doctrines seen in the world religions. Answer"Secular Belief" is probably a misnomer. Secularism is a modern movement seen most often in industrialized nations. The movement holds to untraditional ideas of subjective morality, separate of a religious grounding. It is often associated with Atheism due to the lack of religious tie-ins, but not all secularists are athiests. The movement mostly has to do with escaping age-old, strict ideas of religious morality. AnswerSecular beliefs are those that have nothing to do with any god, the God, or religion. AnswerSecular beliefs are based on Natural Law, while religious beliefs are based on supernatural or the divine. Answer"Secular Belief" is a misnomer. However one may still believe it best to live in a secular society. A country is defined as secular if it does not have a national religion and if it does not favour any religious belief over another, even atheism, in its laws. Some examples include Australia, Turkey and the USA. As a counter example, England has (or maybe used to have) a national religion and based many laws on, first of all, Catholicism and then Anglicanism.

The main "belief", if you like, of secularism is that all religions are equal and that moral, logical, reasonable judgments and opinions made in the interest of law should not be affected by religious doctrine but by the morality, logic and reason of those involved in the decision. The main purpose for having a country, state, society, etc. as being secular is that nobody can be persecuted for their beliefs or their belief system. It is a fairer system that is nearly always abused. For instance, in the USA, it is political suicide to announce that one is not a Christian and expressing any opinion not heard in Sunday mass seems blasphemous to the Senate.

Secularism is not a "modern" movement but is a necessary ideal for any multicultural society.


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Kelly is secular in her beliefs. The current market slump is not cyclical but secular.

"Secular" is a word having to do with non-religious beliefs or practices. So the answer is "No".

"Non-secular humanism" is generally referred to as plain old "humanism", which is much the same thing, but can include spirituality and lesser deist beliefs, such as agnosticism. It does not exclude secular humanists, but many are inclined to include the "secular" part in order to be clear on the atheistic nature of their moral and ethical beliefs.

Communist and secular cultures.

A secular pilgrimage is a journey in search of something of religious significance. This could be to a certain place, shrine or a metaphorical journey into one's own beliefs.

No movement applied religious beliefs to the progressive movement. This is a secular democracy and religion has no place in politics.

Yes, but only through the laws of your faith, not in a secular arena.

Answer If secularism is traveling without a destination Better Answer: Secular humanism is about people. The destination for secular humanist is better lives for ourselves and others. Secular humanism believes we can do that without believing in a god. Secular humanism believes that humans come first. Animals and the environment are important and or important for our survival, but humans come first. General speaking I think most secular humanist also believe there is a Truth, and it is a materialistic truth (non-spiritual). Most secular humanist believe in democracy and human rights and human freedom.

Secularism isnt a religion, it doeent have any guiding texts or beliefs, all secularists believe is that the state should operate independently of religion. It is possible to be a Roman Catholic secularist or an agnostic secularists to there is no secular view to sex...

Yigit Özsener is a Turkish actor. Turkey is a secular country, so nobody has to answer questions about their private beliefs and religious preferences.

non secular is all about religious aspects, and secular is not. ex. Christmas is a religious holiday so it is non secular, and pi day is not so it is secular

Whereas most modern religions teach that when a person dies, the soul progresses to an afterlife in heaven or hell, or is re-incarnated in a new life on earth, secular belief is that there is no afterlife. We will live on in the memories of our loved ones, friends and acquaintances.

They do not relate to any government. They are philosophical ideas dealing with spiritual growth and a religion and government is secular in nature.

Secular means: something that has nothing to do with God.

Secular means not religious.The secular world doesn't understand our church life.He quit the priesthood for a secular life.

no it is not a secular state

Secular is religious and non secular is like Valentines Day which is not tied to any religion. Easter, Christmas, Lent, and others are examples of secular holidays.

a second outcome was the rise of a more secular or non-religious outlook. During the Enlightment, people began to question openly about their religious beliefs and the teachings of the church. Before the scientific revolution, people accepted the Mysteries of the Universe as the workings of God.

Secular is "not pertaining to religion." So secular in education is education not driven by religion.

I would say the only pretense for similarity of the secular view of creation and the non-secular view of creation is that they both require a beginning for Time in Space. Other than that, I would say that they represent completely separate and distinct ideologies.

France is officially secular, although most French are Roman Catholics. About a third are atheists, and the rest include Jews, Muslims, Protestants, and other religions.

It is plausible to say that the right of freedom of religion is violated.~Prince Lion - A True Christian.Source: Self-knowledge

In the context of religious beliefs, False doctine is a term that equates to "heresy." Both refer to beliefs that contradict what is accepted within the principles of a specific religion.Under secular English dictionary definitions, false doctrine refers to an invalid account or lying.

This is the symbol for secular humanism:

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