What are semaphores?

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Click on the link to your right for the answer. Signaling devices, typically to give permission to go ahead or to stop, but can also have other meanings. On a rail line, a lifted green flag can be the semaphore that means to go ahead. Traffic lights are a kind of semaphore. In computer RS232 communication lines the RTS and CTS lines are sometimes called semaphores.

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Q: What are semaphores?
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What are Linux semaphores?

Search Google with: "Linux semaphores" and have a look through the websites on the subject.

How many semaphores are used in the producer and consumer problem?

As the use of semaphores in the past has caused more problems than created solutions therefore semaphores are not use in the producer and consumer problem.

Why was semaphores made?

send signals

How do semaphores work?

Like condoms.

What makes semaphores unusual?

Their efficiency...

What do you call the system of signaling with flags?

The use of semaphores

What is Monitors and Semaphores?

a semaphore is a stoplight and or traffic signal.

What is weak semaphore and strong semaphore?

strong semaphores specify the order in which processes are removed from the queue, which guarantees avoiding starvation. Weak semaphores do not specify the order in which processes are removed from the queue.

What were traffic lights installed in 1868 in England called?

They were called Semaphores.

What is the difference between binary and general semaphores?

the differents is the bathroom time

What is the definition of the word 'Semaphores'?

There are a number of ways the word semaphores might be used in a sentence. The definition of this word is that it is a system of sending messages using a series of flags in certain positions, signifying different messages with several meanings.

What are the types of semaphores?

Three types of semaphores: 1.General/Counting semaphores: (can take any non-negative value) These are used when you might have multiple devices (like 3 printers or multiple memory buffers). 2.Binary semaphores: (can either be 0 or 1) These are used to gain exclusive access to a single resource (like the serial port, a non-reentrant library routine, or a hard disk drive). A counting semaphore that has a maximum value of 1 is equivalent to a binary semaphore (because the semaphore's value can only be 0 or 1). 3.Mutex semaphores: These are optimized for use in controlling mutually exclusive access to a resource. There are several implementations of this type of semaphore.

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