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Q: What are sex chromosomes and what combinations would result in a boy or girl?
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Difference between a girl and a boy?

A girl has 2 numbers of X chromosomes. Ex: XX = girl A boy has 2 different chromosomes than a girl. He would have one X chromosome and one Y chromosomes. Ex: XY = boy All the chromosomes are to determine a childs gender of a boy or a girl.

What would happen if a person where born with two YY chromosomes?

it would be a girl

What chromosomes make a boy or a girl?

If it is a boy, the two chromosomes are "XY" If it is a girl, the two chromosomes are "XX"

Does every girl grow breasts?

Most do but in case of certain problems with the parents chromosomes (such as having XXX chromosomes), the woman would not grow boobs and be infertile.

How are chromosomes organized?

Girl Boy Girl Boy

Can a brother and sister have the same chromosomes?

It is impossible for a brother and sister to have exactly the same chromosomes as the sex or gender chromosomes would have to be different for them to be boy and girl. Females have two X chromosomes and males an X ans a Y. This is why identical twins are always the same sex. Nix

Chromosomes that are the different in males and females?

X and Y chromosomes. these chromosomes are what code for your gender. XX is a girl and XY is a boy.

How many chromosomes should a girl have?

Each of her cells should have 46 chromosomes, with the exeption of reproductive cells. Those have 23 chromosomes.

What are the chromosomes called that determine the sex of the offspring?

The chromosomes are called the X and Y chromosomes. If it are two XX then it is a girl if there are an XY then it is a boy. As a type of chromosome, they are referred to as the sex chromosomes.

Can parents pick if they want a boy or a girl?

Unfortunately, no they cannot. It depends on the mother chromosomes (XX) and the father chromosomes(XY). The chromosomes from the father is basically the only chromosomes to detect the sex of the baby. Boy or Girl. If a mother's X chromosome meets with the fathers X chromosome, it will be a girl. If a mothers chromosome X meets with the father Y chromosome, it will be a boy.

When a baby is born it has a half chance of being a girl and half chance of being a boy If a couple has three children how many combinations of girls and boys can the couple have?

Any amount is possible of either. girl boy boy girl girl boy girl girl girl boy boy boy boy boy girl ... etc... there are many combinations

How can a fetus be made a girl?

When xx chromosomes meet, then girl will be the sex of the baby.

How many chromosomes are in each cell does a girl have?

46 chromosomes.... but regarding to sex cells theres 23...

How do you get chromosome?

boy meets girl, girl meets boy the baby gets chromosomes

Why are some babies boys and others girls?

it depends on the chromosomes in the MALE. in females there are xx chromosomes, and in men there are xx AND xy chromosomes, so if xx chromosomes meet then its a girl, if xy chromosomes meet with an xx chromosone in the women at the ovum, then there will be a girl! josh Rhodes your welcome :) ---- Just an additinal, there should be 46 chromosomes to have a normal baby , 23 from male and 23 from female.

The combinations of a girl in germ cells?

i think it's x or y

Is this sentence true or false. Genes on chromosomes determine whether a baby is a boy or girl?

A child's sex is determined if he has XY chromosomes or she has XX chromosomes. So in general the statement is true.

Why is your dads sperm responsible for the sex of the child?

Because the child's sex is determined by a pair of chromosomes, called X and Y. Each parent contributes one of the chromosomes. Females have nothing but X's, so they can contribute only an X. Males have an X and a Y. The male can contribute either one; it's a toss-up. If the male contributes an X, the result is XX, a girl. If the male contributes a Y, the result is XY, a boy.

How do boys chromosomes differ from girls?

Boys have one x chromosome and a y chromosome, whereas a girl has two x chromosomes.

What are the 2 sex chromosomes?

XX for a girl and XY for a boy

Why do you need chromosomes?

They tell you whether you are a boy or a girl. xx is a girl and xy is a boy.

What is and example of a gene?

An example of a gene would be the X and Y chromosomes carried by the father. If the father can pass either gene to his offspring to get either a girl or a boy.

What decides if a baby going to be a boy or a girl?

The chromosomes in the sperm determine whether the baby is going to be a girl or boy.

What if there were two X chromosomes at chromosome pair 23?

That person is a girl.

Why is a girl a girl instead of a boy?

If a baby gets one X and one Y chromosome, it is a boy. If it gets two X chromosomes, it is a girl.