What are shadow people?

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Shadow people are creatures, rise from hell. They only resemble a silhouette of a demon, With no recognizable features at all. The main types are listed below.

1.The Hooded Figure- Danger Level-02, The hooded figure is a timid, 6 foot shadow demon. It is a very fast little critter, and can move at 670 miles per hour at the most. I have seen one in my bedroom, And it possessed me. I saw it in my doorway, It drifted closer and closer. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. As it hovered directly overhead, It paralyzed me as it entered my forehead. But it didn't take my soul, It just left though my heel, and left a nasty sore there too.

2.The Smoke Demon-05, These critters are 4 feet tall, And resemble black smoke. Some people have reported seeing Yellow, glowing eyes n their bodies, but this is very rare. These creatures can move at 5000 miles per hour at the most. They carry with them, an aura of malice and terror. If entered you body, they cannot steal your soul, but can sting you, and it hurts!

3.The Hat Man-Danger Level-6, These demons are not demons, but the souls of those in hell. They have served their time, and managed to escape. These are rather common. They display a long trench coat, and 1930's style fendora hat. They also give some curiosity to the people they encounter. They cannot steal your soul, but can possess your body, making it their puppet.

4.The Sage shadow-Danger level-3, These shadows only exhibit a dark blue cloak, a dark blue pitchers. These pitchers are empty, but they will form a line and pour the

Contents onto someone nearby. The after effects of being poured include, enhanced senses, strength, speed, and decreased mass.. These will wear off in a few days. They only danger that they can give, Only happens if you are rude to them. You will have horrible and terrifying hallucinations, lasting for weeks. To avoid this, Stand up when they enter, and just watch. Do not walk away, say anything, cough, sneeze, or stare. These are not demons, but moon spirits.

5. The Death Shadow-Danger level- 10.. There is only 1 death shadow, resembling the grim reaper. It will KILL YOU!!!!! Then,It will escort you soul to heaven or hell, It depends. If it is near, You will being to lose your ability to see, and become paralyzed. It will come for you and you will begin to float. The only Way to stop it is to call on Virgin Mary, or Jesus Christ, depending on your gender. The best way to do it is to call on both

6.Satan's children- Danger level- infinite, They will STEAL YOUR SOUL!!! To avoid them call on Jesus noe. They have red glowing eyes, now I am to scared to go on.....they could attack dreams!

(Please note I did not write this should go to User:Katherinefuller) )

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Q: What are shadow people?
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