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A share in a company gives you as an investor a share in its dividend.

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Q: What are shares?
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What are different types of shares?

There are different types of shares available. Some examples include ordinary shares, preferred shares, cumulative preference shares, and redeemable shares.

Difference between demat shares physical shares?

demate shares are those shares which are kept in electronic form where as physical shares are those shares which are kept in the traditional paper form....

Can equity shares be converted in to preference shares?

i want 2 convert the equity shares of my cmpany into preference shares

What are the types of shares which are issued as bonus shares?

types of bonus shares

What is buy back of shares?

Buy back of shares refers to the repurchase of shares by a firm as a means to reduce shares on the market.

What is Difference between issued shares and outstanding shares - 41k?

Issued shares(I) are shares of stock that have been sold to investors. It includes both outstanding shares(O) and Treasury shares(T). Thus, I = O+T Outstanding shares(O) are shares of stock currently owned by the shareholders.

What is limitations of preference shares and with merits?

Preference shares are fixed income shares that are not the success of a company. The benefits of a preference shares are that shareholders will have first priory over ordinary shareholders. The disadvantages are shares compared to other shares are that the return is limited.

Importance of shares?

What is the importance of shares?

What is a collection of shares?

A portfolio of shares.

Why does prices of shares change in the share market?

why does prices of shares change in the shares of market?

What are convertible and non convertible preference shares?

in case of non convertible preference shares, the holders are not given the right to convert their shares into equity shares.

What is preference share?

Preference shares are shares whose dividends are paid out first before ordinary shares dividends. They so called (preference shares) because they have 'preference' over ordinary shares for payment of dividends.

When essar steel would relist its equity shares?

Probably the shares will be relisted in 2017. The preferential shares of the investors will get matured in 2017 and for redemption, they will relist the shares.

What is weighted average number of shares in accounting terms?

Weighted average number of shares = shares outstanding at start of year + shares at end of year / 2

What is allotment of shares?

The process where by a company issues its shares to those who have submitted a written application on those shares.

Treasury stock plus outstanding shares would be?

Issued Shares Authorized Shares = Issued Shares (sold to investors) + Unissued Shares Issued Shares = Outstanding Stock (held by investors) + Treasury Stock (stock bought back by company)

What is the difference between issue of shares and allotment of shares?

An allotment of shares is the process in which a person is given the right to be included in the register of members within a specific company. An issuance of shares is when the person is actually issued the shares in which they are deemed entitled to.

What is the procedure for allotment of shares?

what is the procedure of allotment of shares?

What has happened to your shares?

I had some fison pharmaceutical shares

What is compulsorily convertible preference shares?

it is a preference shares which willbe converted compulsory into equity shares after a stipulated time

How are shares calculated?

shares are calculated by the holding number. For instance, a person or a compary shares are calculated by the number the perchase.

How do you give back shares in a corporation?

Selling the shares to someone else is one way to give the shares back to a corporation. Another way is to sell the shares back to the corporation.

A company with authorized shares of 10M has 9.5M shares issued and outstanding. Can they issue a convertible note that will convert to 1M shares. Ie- can fully diluted shares exceed the Authorized?


What is difference between RDSA and RDSB?

"A" shares are euro paying dividend shares designed for the dutch jurisdiction, the "B" shares are dividend paying shares from "UK derived income"

What is forfeited share?

Forfeited shares Shares in a no-liability company which are forfeited (lost) to the previous owner because of non-payment of a call on the shares. Forfeited shares Shares in a no-liability company which are forfeited (lost) to the previous owner because of non-payment of a call on the shares.

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