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All of the bones in a shark's body are made of cartilage (like the end of your nose or your ears). The only exception are the teeth. That is why the teeth can be worn on necklaces.

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How many bones do sharks have?

Sharks do not have bones, they have skeletons made of cartilage.

Why do sharks have no bones?

Sharks have no bones because they are made out cartilage and it makes them more flexable

Are sharks jaws made of bones?

No. there is no bone in a sharks body. The sharks skeleton is made of cartilage.

What is a sharks bones made of?


If sharks have no bones how do they have hard bodies?

a sharks "skeleton" is made of cartilage.

Are lizards bones made ith cartilage?

No. Sharks bones are made of cartilage though.

Are there animals with no bones?

technically, sharks have no bones, as their skeleton is made from cartilage.

Do basking sharks have bones?

All sharks skeletons are not made of bone but cartilage.

What are great white shark's teeth made of?

Sharks teeth are bones, duuu!!!* actually sharks don't have bones, they are made of scales that have been enlarged and strengthened

Sharks have no bones?

Yes, sharks have no bones. They have something called cartilage! Very similar to the stuff your nose or ears is made up of.

What animal has no bones in his body and is made of cartilage?


Are sharks and rays bones made of cartilage?


Sharks have no bones their skeleton is made of carilage?

Yes. It is made of cartilage.

Which animal doesn't have any bones?

Sharks and Stingrays both do not contain any bones in their bodies. All invertebrates have no "bones". Vertebrates have "bones". Read a book on biology. Sharks, dogfish and rays are all vertebrates but have skeletons composed of cartilage not bone. ---- Wtf... Sharks have sharp, pointy teeth. What are teeth made out of? Bones! Sharks have bones.

Difference between bony and cartilagenous fish?

Some sharks have bones like us however some sharks have bones that are made out of cartilage.

How many bones in a dogfish shark?

The skeleton of a shark is not made of bones but instead it is made of cartilage. So sharks have zero bones because of this.

What are facts about blue sharks?

blue sharks have no bones besides the jawbone and the spine.they are made of cartilage.

What do sharks lack that make them different from other fish?

Sharks do not have bones. They have skeletons made of cartilage.

Do sharks have strong bones?

sharks dont have bones

Do sharks and rays have bones made of cartilage?

yes sharks have bones made of cartilage too move and bend more and the rays are made of cartilage as well. Easy for a 10-year old like me!

Are sharks cartilaginous fish?

Yes, sharks do not have bones in their skeleton but they have cartilageYes, sharks are fish with skeletal systems made from cartilage.

Why don't sharks go through ossification?

Sharks don't go through ossification because they don't have bones. Sharks are made up of thick cartilage, not bones like other fish.

What fish dont have bones?

Most fish have bones. Sharks and rays do not have bones but they do have bone-like structures that are made from cartilage.

Which group of vertebrate do sharks belong to?

Sharks belong to the vertebrate group of mammals. Sharks do not have bones, however. Their skeleton is made up of cartilage.

What animal has no bones in their body and their skeleton is made up of cartilage?


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