What are sheep?

Sheep are small ruminant farm animals, often half to a third of the size of a full grown cow and are ruminants like a cow. They are four-legged cloven hooved mammals that give birth to live young. Like a cow, they are large in the body and neck and small in the head and short-legged. They're often woolly animals, though some breeds of sheep have hair instead of wool. They are white or sometimes black but black sheep are more rare. Most commonly you will find sheep with black heads and feet but their wool is white. Male sheep have horns, however some sheep breeds have sheep where both males and females have horns or do not have horns; in other breeds the horned trait is sex-linked--in other words, only males can have horns, not females. Male sheep are called rams, female sheep are called ewes and baby sheep are called lambs. They love to eat grass like a cow or a horse, but will eat one-half to one-third the amount a cow or horse will, making them ideal to keep on a small hobby farm where keeping a cow or a horse is too costly.