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What are shin splints?

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Shin spliints are actually microfractures of the tibia. Extremely painful but not dangerous. They are best treated by avoidence of the causative injury. They are usually caused by running, usually aggressive, as in soccer, football, track and field, jogging, marching, etc. Like any other fracture they can take 6 to 8 weeks to resolve but usually resolve in two to three weeks. They are not visible on x-ray or even MRI, and they are usually diagnosed just by history and physical examination. If definitive diagnosis is really needed, a test callled a "triple phase bone scan" is performed.

Any of various painful conditions of the shins caused by inflammation of the surrounding muscles, frequently occurring among runners.

Actually, shin splints can be caused by a number of factors. 2 of the most common forms of shin splints are I) periostitis, and II)tibialis anterior tendinitis.

I) periostitis is an irritation of the pereosteum (the tissue joining the tibia and fibula) caused by repetitive pounding of the feet. This is often seen in runners who run on uneven surfaces (grass, forest trails, etc.). Periostitis, if unresolved, can lead to what the above poster mentioned: stress fractures. these can become very serious, and take quite some time to heal.

II) tibialis anterior tendinitis is an inflammation of the tendon of the main dorsiflexor of the foot (lifting the toes and pointing the foot upwards). this is often caused by repetitive forced dorsiflexion, as seen in persistent uphill running. This is fairly non-serious, unless the tendon completely ruptures which is very rarely the case.

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Are shin splits on your feet?

No shin splints are on your shins

What are shinsplints?

Shin splints are when your shin bones get jarred. they pull slightly on the muscle and it hurts Shin splints are when your shin bones get jarred. they pull slightly on the muscle and it hurts

Should you ice or heat shin splints?

It's best to switch off heating and icing shin splints.

Shin splints are microscopic tears in the tibialis anterior?

Shin splints are microscopic tears in the shin muscle, the tibialis anterior. These are common among people who have little experience running. Some are more likely to experience shin splints than others.

Why do your shins hurt when you exercise?

It sounds like it might be shin splints. Put "shin splints" into wikipedia to find out more.

Can diabetes cause shin splints?

Diabetes can cause circulatory problems in the legs, which could manifest as shin splints or similar symptoms.

What are the causes of shin splints?

Shin splints are caused by unbalanced muscle development between the muscles that lift and the muscles that pull on the foot.

How could someone have shin splints?

You would have to go to a local library and checkout a medical book on shin splints. You can also visit a medical website to find out how you get a shin splint.

What is the prognosis for shin splints?

With proper rest, management, and prevention, people with shin splints can return to normal activity in a few weeks or more. However, continuing to perform the activity that caused the shin splints can lead to stress fractures of the tibia.

Is kick boxing OK to do if you have shin splints?


Describe what happens when you get shin splints?

you will die

What is the ICD9 code for shin splints?


What causes shin splints?

Generally, shin splints are caused by running or jumping. It could be caused by the running too much or jumping too much.

What are some great best running shoes for shin splints on sale?

I am not sure on the best shoes for shin splints. I have had them before and all you can do is rest, ice and pain medicine. Also you can do calf raises to strengthen your muscles to prevent future shin splints from occurring.

Is it good for a 13 year old girl to be runnig a 1Min 17 Sec in the 400m with really bad shin splints in both legs?

It is not good to have shin splints. shin splints are are over compensation of calf muscles that are not used enough or strong enough for the amount of training being done by them. shin splints can result in stress fractures if training continues with out adequate rest.

What causes shin splints in dogs?

Shin splints are usually caused by the dog not getting enough exercise. Try walking the dog on the regular or running with the dog.

What is use to treat shin splints?

.a period of rest for people with shin splints to let the area heal. Shin splints may be treated in phases, beginning with absolute rest and gradual.activity. Ice and elevation of the foot may be used. orthotic footwear and braces may be added.

Where can I find examples of shin splints causes? is a good site to check for shin splint causes. Some common causes of shin splints are improper footwear, constant foot impact, and muscle tightness.

What is the best exercise to help treat shin splints?

It is recommended that one should stay off of their leg when experiencing symptoms due to shin splints. Icing the shin and taking anti-inflammatory painkillers is suggested.

Where do most shin splints occur?

Most shin splints occur in the front (anterior) portion of the tibia; some also occur in the inside of the leg along the tibia

Where can I obtain information on shin splints? is a good source of information regarding shin splints. The cause of shin splints is varied from running on uneven ground, improper shoes, muscle tightness, and overuse. Prevention can be attained by starting an exercise program gradually and proper warming up.

How do you know if you have shin splints?

The top/front part of your shin bone hurts. feels like your shin bone has a crack in it.

What do you do when you have shin splins?

When you have shin splints you will most likely need to rest your legs until the pain is relieved by the rest. You can also check with your doctor if you get shin splints frequently because you might also have stress fractures of the bones.

Where could I buy a shin splint?

You can obtain shin splints at most any sporting good stores , your doctor and they are readily available online. Shin splints will help reduce pain caused by MTSS that is common in runners.

What are those things that NBA players wear on their shins?

If you are talking about the little wraps that go over there entire shin it is there to prevent Shin Splints, by compressing the shin you can prevent the muscle from tearing off the bone and therefore prevent some of the pain caused by shin splints