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What are side effect of hydrogen cyanide gas to human health?

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== == Cyanide can have both acute (large single event exposure) and chronic (long term low exposure) effects Inhalation or ingesion of high concentrations of cyanide causes apnea, coma and cardiac arrest with death following in a matter of minutes.

At lower doses, loss of consciousness may be preceded by general weakness, giddiness, headaches and dizziness. Skin colour goes pink from high blood oxygen saturation. Cyanide at low levels can impact blood chemistry.

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Death. Breathing in barely any of it will kill you.

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Peach seeds contain cyanogenic glycosides. These substances are capable of decomposing into a sugar molecule and hydrogen cyanide gas. While peach seeds are not the most toxic within the rose family, that dubious honour going to the bitter almond, large doses of these chemicals from any source are hazardous to human health. it will take a -lot- of peaches to get enough hydrogen cyanide to harm someone.

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