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Q: What are signs of a bad TPS on a 1993 Cavalier?
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Signs of bad tps1996 Camero 3.8?

sighs of bad tps 1996 camero 3.8

What is the tps sensor in a Chevy Cavalier?

The TPS ( Throttle position sensor ) is on most newer vehicles. They are located near the throttle body or the throttle cable near the cylinder head. Its purpose is to keep the vehicle at idle speed without having you keep your foot on the gas pedal. when a TPS goes bad, normally your check engine light will come on and your vehicle will not idle properly.

You own a 1993 z24 cavalier and it will not start in park but will start in neutral there is also a battery drain happening?

ur nutrial safety switch is bad

Will a bad tps cause a car not to start?

Although maybe possible, most likely not probable. Symptoms of a bad tps include rough idling, fuel-rich signs such as fouled spark plugs, black smoke ROM the exhaust, etc. I have never seen a case where the symptoms were ignored to the point where the vehicle would not start.

How do you install a throttle position sensor on a 1993 Oldsmobile ciera with a 3.3L V6?

The throttle position sensor (TPS) on the 1993 General Motors/Oldsmobile Ciera with the 3.3L V6 is located as part of the throttle body assembly. The removal and reinstall of the TPS is simple between disconnecting and cleaning the wiring harness, and removing the two restraining screws on the bad unit. The OEM AC Delco TPS for this application is part #213915.

What are the signs of a bad throttle position sensor sensor on a 2004 ford explorer?

the most obvious sign that the tps is bad is if u step on the gas pedal and the rpms go lower than it what should be igling wich is about 800 rpms

You Have a 1993 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 Engine and the Number 1 and 4 cylinders are not firing you replaced the coil but their still not firing any ideas?

your control module is bad

What causes the offtrack light to come on the instrument tell-tale light on a 2000 Chevy Cavalier?

trac sensor might be bad that was my prob on same year cavalier i had same problem, had a diagnostic test run, came back saying i needed new TPS just got that fixed, now it seems ok

How do you know if the TPS is bad on a 92 sunbird?

get a scanner and check the datastream for the TPS sweep voltage or go to a qualified mechanic for a diagnostic

What are symbols of bad luck?

signs of bad luck are when sometiing bad happens and it keeps happning for the whole day. those are the signs of bad luck.

Your 1993 cavalier leaks out coolant as soon as you put it in and now will overheat why?

The two most likely causes are a bad water pump or a bad hose. It's either your water pump or a bad hose. Try to locate where the fluid is coming out from.

1999 Jeep Cherokee Classic 44 4.0L does not want to idle when cold does anyone have suggestions on what the problem may be?

soundsl Ike the TPS on the throttle body is bad or the MAP sensor is bad. probably tps.

Why is your 1998 cavalier sputtering?

A Cavalier can sputter do to a number of things. Cars sputter due to bad spark plugs, bad compression, broken engine mounts, or even a failing catalytic converter.

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Are there any warning signs that a fuel pump is going bad in a 1997 Chevy Cavalier?

Sometime yes, and sometimes no. It may be hard to start and it may stall at times. It may also just fail without warning.

What happens when motor goes bad in a 99 cavalier?

put newone on

How do you know if your timing cahin is bad on a 2002 Cavalier?

When the timing chain is bad on a 2002 Cavalier, the engine could have several symptoms. The engine could run rough, be hard to start, or not run at all.

What are the release dates for Bad Attitude - 1993 TV?

Bad Attitude - 1993 TV was released on: USA: 1 December 1993

Lhs 1999 idles high check engine is on?

zyou tps might be bad

Why does 1997 Saturn SC2 idle okay and then it idles jumpy at times?

bad tps

Will a bad tps cause engine not to start?

It could, along with dozens of other possibilities.

Battery light stays on 1999 cavalier?

Charging problem, altenator going bad or has already gone bad.

Why does your 1997 Chevy Cavalier has no spark?

could be a # of things bad plugs, blown fuse, bad coil pack, or even a bad sensor.

How do you know if the windshield washer fluid pump for 2000 Chevy cavalier is bad?

There are a few tests one can do to determine if the windshield washer fluid pump on the 2000 Chevy Cavalier is bad. When it goes bad, you will hear the system try to work, but no fluid will come out.