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I met a guy at a dating website called, he told me he is interested in me and wants to have a good relationships when we have chatted for about a month. I think he may directly tell you if he is interested.

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What are obvious signs that a guy is interested in a girl?

When a guy is interested in you he flirts alot emails you alot and mabey wants to talk to you alot more than usual...and if he asks who you are interested in he's wanting to know if you are interested in him also he smiles at you in a different way than usual or he is a show-off in front of you those are the most obvious signs that I know of.

Signs a shy guy is interested?

majorrr staring:)

What are signs that a guy is interested?

If he talks to you alot Flirts with you smiles at you bugs you stares at you

What does it mean when a guy reads all your emails but doesn't email you back?

either he's really busy or not interested in you . :(

What should you do when you have a big crush on a guy but he is like a brother and you're not sure if he's interested?

You should show signs that you like him (flirt), and then if he shows you signs that he likes you back, then that means he must be interested.

What are some major signs to look out for when interested in a guy?

If he checks you out, grabs your boobs, or gives you kisses.

How do you know A GUY is interested in ME not your looks?

No way to really tell. Of course there are obvious signs, but just do what your heart tells you...

How can you tell a guys actually interested in you through text?

You can tell a guy is interested in you if actually says he likes you or wants to go out

What is the most common signs that guy likes you?

you know he is interested when he stares at you and smiles, and when he walks up to you and asks you for your phone number . :)

What are the signs a guy is not interested anymore?

.they tell you to leave them alone .they don't make a effort to talk to you . they don't laugh at your jokes

What are the signs that your mid-teen guy friend likes you?

When he talks, look at his..... ears! When a guy is interested in you, and he talks to you, his ears will turn a darker red/pink color.

What signs does a guy show when he is interested?

It would depend on the guy, his age and his experience. A teenage guy for example, may stare at you and look embarassed when he's near you, or he may even play jokes on you and annoy you!

Does a guy like you if he emails you when you are away?

depends on the guy and how much he does and what he says.

What to do when a guy wont answer your emails?

Move on , the male species enjoy the thrill of the chase. If he is interested he will, eventually respond. If he feels you have moved on to better greener pastures, he will probably wonder what he is missing.

How can you get a guy to stop liking you if he has already shown signs?

3 words, Date and Dump, it will work... Probably.... If it doesnt, tell him you arent interested...

Your Girlfriend asked a guy for his pic and number through email what is this about?

Could it be that she is interested in somebody else?

What does it mean when a guy asks you for a high five?

This could mean a couple things! He might just be being friendly or, more likely, he was flirting. Don't just assume he was flirting though; look for more signs from him that he could be interested before either returning the flirting or making it clear you aren't interested. Nothing is more awkward than telling a guy that you aren't interested when he wasn't flirting! Enlist friends and sisters and try and figure this guy out from other signs. Good luck :)

How do you know when a guy is not interested in you?

You can tell if a guy is not interested in you if he tells you or gives you odd looks.

How to get a guy you like interested in you?

The best way to get a guy interested in you is to always be yourself around him.

How can a guy know that you like him even if you never show it?

Well, if you show no signs of liking him there really is no way he could know that you like him! Show him your interested!

What are signs that a guy is interested in you?

The signs that a guy is interested in you is very simple: 1. He talks to you a lot. Whether it is texting, facebook, twitter, or in person. 2. He sends you smiley faces. 3. He blushes sometimes when he is talking to you. 4. You see him looking at you out of the corner of your eye (school. usually) 5. You hang out, outside of school. 6. You smile or laugh at each other for no reason. (this is a biggie!)

If a guy is not interested in you would he answer your calls?

He might answer just to be polite. I wouldn't take his answering as a sign that he is romantically interested necessarily, it may be that he was raised well and taught to be polite or he is genuinely interested in pursuing a friendship. Look for more sure signs of his romantic interest.

What is the use of you were interested and you are interested?

If you were interested you are not anymore. You are interested meaning you still are: you were interested in one guy but now you are interested in a different one.

Why would a man say he wants to be alone?

Theres a lot of reasons why a guy would want to be alone. sometimes the guy wants to be single or sometimes he is gay or is just not interested in you and just wants to be friends. then if he shows any signs that he isn't interested in you then leave him alone and move on that's what i always do!

How do you tell if a guy that you were only around for 3 days is interested what signs should i look for and Does him grabing me around the waist from behind and pointing out i want him say anything?

if they always stare at you and when you look at them they turn away that is obviously saying he is interested in you