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when they ignore you a bit and talk quite quietly


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leaving a lot calling some one and if he really is cheating smack the hell out of her and him

if hes acting weird you'll know

Wrong question!!! You should be asking for signs that he IS cheating. There are no signs that someone is NOT doing something.

On google, search "50 signs you're husband/boyfriend is cheating on you." It really helped me with something I went through.~Sandra~

not spending time with you and maybe not sleeping with you

There are a few common signs for cheating, I have added a link to a video going through the top 10 of them, hope it helps:)

He can't hang out with you because he has to do "stuff" You barely see him When you do hang out he always seems to be texting somebody These are signs that he is cheating

If your boyfriend starts to stop showing affection towards you and is always busy and going out instead of being with you. These are signs of your boyfriend cheating on you.

No way to know for sure unless there are clear signs that your Boyfriend is in fact cheating on you, do you have any details that may give a better clue to whether or not he may or may not actually be cheating?

If you are not soe if your boyfriend is cheating you should look for signs like him hanging with another girl a little to much and just wait for someone to say something about it and you know something is go on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One doesn't answer calls or texts, two he avoids you, and three he doesn't hang out with you

There are always signs to a guy cheating on a girl. When a guy stops talking to you or tells you they want to be friends means something is wrong.

Says he'll do something but then bails, lies a lot, doesn't call or text as much as he used to. If you think he is cheating tell him you think he is cheating but your not sure and see what happens

ok plz tel me how do you know if your boyfriend is cheating on you?

If you have a girlfriend and a boyfriend, then you are cheating on both of them.

When you know he is lying to you. If he is going off irregularly or he is not coming home when he is supposed to. If you think that he is actually cheating on you then you are probably right. You should have it out with him and find out what he is up to when he is away.

you can't really tell if someone is cheating on you or not so if you trust him then should'nt that be good enough??? if you don't trust him.......break up...... xxnataszaxx

When your so dimwitted that you spell cousin 'cuson'. That's not the slang spelling, the American or the English spelling.

There are a few common signs for cheating, I have added a link to a video with the 10 most common ones, :)

When he says something conflicting with what he said. He tries to avoid you.He will say busy.Regular false statements.

* If you are believing in birth signs and Horoscopes then you are being unfair to your boyfriend. There is no indication that Virgo and Pisces cannot get along and if you continue with these suspicions on Birth Signs alone you will end up the loser. If you feel he is cheating on you it has nothing to do with being a Pisces and you a Virgo. Some men and woman of any Birth Sign can cheat on one another.

no she loves her boyfriend

probably because he is cheating

if you see he seems a bit ancious in his voice. sit him down and ask him why u are doing it and try and help him stop ! the signs are if they are acting suspiious lloooooool

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