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Instead of looking for signs that she might not be interested in you, why don't you sit down with her and ask her how she feels about the relationship?

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Q: What are signs that your girlfriend might not be that interested in you?
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What are the signs of a cheating girlfriend in a long distance relationship?

She does not seem interested in you and is gone often

What if a boy has a girl friend and he is giving a girl signs that he likes you?

It depends on his relationship with his current girlfriend. Are they having problems? If yes, then maybe he is interested. If not, then he might be just wanted to be your friend and actually cares about you as a friend. Or, he is trying to cheat on his girlfriend.

Signs girlfriend is interested in ex?

hangs out with him A LOTtext him 24/7 or around 3 a.mtalk about him when hes not arounddoes anything for himwhen you guys hang out she might ask or want to ask if her ex can tag along.

He gives me the biggest hugs and looks interested in me but he's got a girlfriend?

Well he might and not like you.

How do you tell if he has another girlfriend?

Its almost impossible if he is good at hiding it. You might even be the 'other' girlfriend. Trust your instincts and dont ignore those little signs that might be telling you something.

What does it mean when a guy shows all of the signs that he likes you and recently broke up with his girlfriend?

It means that he probably broke up with his girlfriend for you... If he was with someone and showing you all of the signs of him being interested in you, then it probably wasn't working out to well with his recent girlfriend and he wanted to explore his new options. Give him a chance, but let him come on to you.

What is road signs?

your girlfriend

What are signs that your girlfriend is lesbian?

I doubt she would be your "girlfriend" if that was the case.

Who do you know is interested to buy old signs?

There are companies that look for signs for nostalgia reasons that might be interested. Alternatively, there are salvage companies that look to purchase materials for scrap or recycling reasons. Look into the companies that you believe would offer the greatest value.

How to attract a 38 year old male with a girlfriend?

Regardless of the person or situation, people are generally attracted to kindness, confidence, and a sense of humor. He might not be interested if he already has a girlfriend.

Why does your girlfriend not reply your message?

Your girlfriend might be busy or she might be playing games with you. I would just stop sending messages for a while and do your 'own thing' on Facebook, MySpace, ECT. Because then the girlfriend will acknowledged you have a 'life' and maybe get more interested in you. Just a tip not absolute fact.

Can a guy be interested in you even if he has a girlfriend?


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