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Instead of looking for signs that she might not be interested in you, why don't you sit down with her and ask her how she feels about the relationship?

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Q: What are signs that your girlfriend might not be that interested in you?
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What are the signs of a cheating girlfriend in a long distance relationship?

She does not seem interested in you and is gone often

What if a boy has a girl friend and he is giving a girl signs that he likes you?

It depends on his relationship with his current girlfriend. Are they having problems? If yes, then maybe he is interested. If not, then he might be just wanted to be your friend and actually cares about you as a friend. Or, he is trying to cheat on his girlfriend.

He gives me the biggest hugs and looks interested in me but he's got a girlfriend?

Well he might and not like you.

Signs girlfriend is interested in ex?

hangs out with him A LOTtext him 24/7 or around 3 a.mtalk about him when hes not arounddoes anything for himwhen you guys hang out she might ask or want to ask if her ex can tag along.

How do you tell if he has another girlfriend?

Its almost impossible if he is good at hiding it. You might even be the 'other' girlfriend. Trust your instincts and dont ignore those little signs that might be telling you something.

What does it mean when a guy shows all of the signs that he likes you and recently broke up with his girlfriend?

It means that he probably broke up with his girlfriend for you... If he was with someone and showing you all of the signs of him being interested in you, then it probably wasn't working out to well with his recent girlfriend and he wanted to explore his new options. Give him a chance, but let him come on to you.

Who do you know is interested to buy old signs?

There are companies that look for signs for nostalgia reasons that might be interested. Alternatively, there are salvage companies that look to purchase materials for scrap or recycling reasons. Look into the companies that you believe would offer the greatest value.

What are signs that your girlfriend is lesbian?

I doubt she would be your "girlfriend" if that was the case.

Why does your girlfriend not reply your message?

Your girlfriend might be busy or she might be playing games with you. I would just stop sending messages for a while and do your 'own thing' on Facebook, MySpace, ECT. Because then the girlfriend will acknowledged you have a 'life' and maybe get more interested in you. Just a tip not absolute fact.

What does it mean when a boy does all the signs that he likes you but he has a girlfriend?

Answer:It means he does not know what he wants and since he has a girlfriend, i would suggest talking to some one if he actually has feeling for you before anything hapens between you two.Answer:It means that he's interested in you, but that's not necessarily a good thing.* He might be more interested in his own ego ("hey look how many girls I can get interested in me!") than in you.* He might be lining up a backup for when he leaves his current girlfriend (and he might do the same to you in future.)* He might be hoping to have several girlfriends, again as an ego boost.* Or he might not know what he wants, and just not have a lot of self-control.None of these particularly recommends the guy. The only explanation that might be positive is that he's just a sweet guy who likes everyone, and isn't particularly hitting on you, he's just nice.In any case, as the previous answer recommends, consider other boys who are single.most likely he is flirting with u and wants u to be his either that or he is crazy

How can you tell if a boy likes you if he has a girlfriend?

If he's always talking to you and is willing to break up with his current girlfriend for you he is interested but be careful because if he gets with you he might find someone he likes more than you :) -L!@#

Can a guy be interested in you even if he has a girlfriend?


What does it mean when you dream about the person you like has a girlfriend?

When you dream about a person you like having a girlfriend might just express your own lack of confidence, and doubt that anyone you admire could be interested in you. Alternatively, you might have heard other girls talking about that person and it might have been stuck in your head. It could also mean that at some level you realize that person already likes someone else, or is interested in someone else.

What are the signs of Controlling girlfriend during a divorce?

The signs of a controlling girlfriend during a divorce include her wanting everything her own way, such as having all the rights over property and finances. If you have children together, she may also insist that the children live with her and might not be willing to share custody.

If a guy is not interested in you would he answer your calls?

He might answer just to be polite. I wouldn't take his answering as a sign that he is romantically interested necessarily, it may be that he was raised well and taught to be polite or he is genuinely interested in pursuing a friendship. Look for more sure signs of his romantic interest.

What are signs that a coworker is interested in you?

A sign that a coworker is interested in you is that they always smile at you. If they make excuses to be near you, it can also mean they are interested.

What are the signs your wife is cheating?

If you would just take a moment to look and listen, there are warning signs that are staring you right in the face. Below are the five most common signs that your wife or girlfriend might be having an affair, or at least is in danger of having one. She doesn

What is the sign if a guy likes you?

Good indicators are that he seeks eye contact, and communication. Other signs might be he inquires if you are in a committed relationship, or shows up where he thinks you will be, or asked friends if you might be interested in him. He may make a point to catch your eye and smile. The good signs are subtle.

Girlfriend is not interested in relationship?

If your girlfriend says she isn't interested in a relationship with you, give her space and tell her you respect how she feels. If you are meant to be together, she'll come back.

Signs a shy guy is interested?

majorrr staring:)

What are signs a woman is interested?

She keeps asking you out. :P

What does it mean if a girl ask you if you have a girlfriend?

They are interested in dating you.

Is Jaden Smith interested in having a girlfriend?


What does it mean if a guy tells his ex girlfriend about you?

While it's not easy to say, he might want his ex-girlfriend back or he may just not like you. Additionally, he may also still be interested in her, so proceed with caution.

What are the signs that your girlfriend doesn't know how to kiss?

your girlfriend will turn away or will never go in for a kiss