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What are silverfish bugs?

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A primitive, wingless insect with an elongated, silvery-grey body. I think its diet is mostly organic detritus.

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What bugs do you get in the bathroom?

Silverfish and roaches are common bugs found in bathrooms.

How do you get silverfish bugs?

See this page for the answer:

What are Bugs white thin move very fast?

If the bugs are indoors, esp kitchens they may be silverfish.

Roach like skinny long bugs with no wings?

The roach like bug that you are talking about may be a silverfish. The diet of a silverfish is mainly sugars and starches.

Are there any insects that do not fly?

Yes, bed bugs, springtails, silverfish, firebrats...there are many.

What are the most common bugs in Texas?

The most commmon bug in Texas is the Silverfish insect

What are grey bugs with lots of legs that like to live under anything wet and heavy?


What insects go through an incomplete metamorphosis?

Large milk weed bugs silverfish and springtails

What flying silver bugs do you find in bathrooms?

I have always been told they are called silverfish but they are completely harmless

Do centipedes eat ants?

Centipedes do eat ants. They also eat a variety of other bugs including termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, as well as silverfish.

If You found living white bugs on your trousers in bed what are they?

I just found a bug like that you have mentioned and after looking online it appears to be a silverfish. For either bedbugs or silverfish you want to call an exterminator if you see a lot. While the silverfish don't bother human beings they do damage to books, curtains...

What types of house bugs are mostly attracted to light?

silverfish, moths, cockroaches, and other common house bugs are attracted to light during nighttime. -SmartyPants11( Riley the Smart)


form_title= Silverfish form_header= Exterminate silverfish. Where are the silverfish located?*= _ [50] Do you have any pets?*= () Yes () No Have you noticed any damage?*= () Yes () No

What are the tiny silver bugs with fins found in swimming pools?

Might be the silverfish big. Google it and loOk at the picture to be sure.

How do you get rid of silverfish in a house?

Silverfish are annoying insects.

Is there a bug that eats silverfish?

Silverfish are bugs known by the scientific classification of lepisma saccharina. They are a silvery, light gray color with fish-like movements, hence their common name. It's natural predators include spiders, house centipedes and earwigs.

Where do silverfish live?

Silverfish live on land.

Is an silverfish a fish?

No, a silverfish is a wingless insect.

Which group of animals does the silverfish belong to?

Silverfish are insects.

Does silverfish have feelers?

Yes! Silverfish have a pair of feelers

What are some common house bugs?

American roach,German roach,Silverfish, no see ums, ants,gnats, spiders, fleas. centipedes, and others....................

Do silverfish bite humans?

Fortunately, silverfish do NOT bite or harm humans. :)Bullsh*t. When I was 12, I recently had these silverish bugs in my room. I thought it was nothing intresting. I was a really filthy person, I had clothes everywhere in my room (my room is by the kitchen and bathroom, common places where silverfish might live) and well, one day I put on a pants on the ground (stupid idea) and I wore it out, the next day I had a HIGH fever and my left leg (about 5 inches below and above my knee) was covered all around red bumps, it was itchy and crazy burning hot. My mom thought it was nothing, so she didn't take me to the ER but, I felt horrible, there is no other bugs in my room, it was SILVERFISH. Therefore, Silverfish do BITE and HARM people.

What animal has a symbiosis relationship with the army ant?

silverfish silverfish

When was Antarctic silverfish created?

Antarctic silverfish was created in 1902.

Is a silverfish an arachnid?

No, they are insects.Common Silverfish Species Lepisma saccharina

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