What are similarities between the Paleolithic periods and the Neolithic periods?

Comparison of
Paleolithic / Neolithic People

Reconstruction of The Iceman and His Tools

Dependent on Natural Resources
Paleolithic: Moved with food supply.
Neolithic: Water and good soil for crops.

Paleolithic: Families (male ruled) evolutionary, from family to village to city.
Neolithic: Chief with council.

Neolithic: Barter system.

Polytheistic - believed in life after death.

Men hunted; women gathered / farmed.

Paleolithic: Stone tools
Neolithic: Farming, baking and firing pottery, specialized tools, bronze tools and weapons

The Iceman's Quiver and Arrows

Fall / Evolution

Paleolithic: Ice Age forced them to move and change.

Neolithic: Moved and evolved.

Origins of Government
Villages became larger, growing into cities. Government and religion were organized. The development of specialized occupations and advanced technology occurred. The use of written symbols to keep records began.

Class System
There were a lot of people with internal struggle; some people felt they were better than others and could bring order and protection from raids.

Role of Government:

Organized to plan large projects (control water for irrigation, etc.)

Needed to maintain laws and judge lawbreakers.

Oversee large projects.

Collect taxes.

Rulers were seen as either gods or having been chosen by the gods. Laws were seen as coming from the gods. People were ruled harshly. It was seen as the only way (by the rulers) to get the people to submit - by being afraid). A state of war always existed: either between one people and another, or between the people and a ruler.

Origin of Formal Religion
Formal religion explains creation and life after death. Religions also formed for social reasons, provided comfort and solace, and brought harmony with the environment.

Bronze Age People Used Bronze to Make Swords and Tools.

Development of Specialized Occupations
Artisans, merchants, and government. Officials led to new skills and knowledge. New ideas came from people trading with other people from other places.

Writing developed to keep records as government, religion, and trade got more complex. Almost all ancient civilizations came up with some form of writing.