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It might be eczema. You might need to contact a physician or get a little skin lotion specifically designed for eczema, but just in case, visit the web site below to see if that's it.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-26 15:03:13
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Q: What are small bumps on the lower stomach that show signs of dead skin around and they looked like small razor bumps at first but won't go away and sometimes itch?
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Pitbull has bumps on stomach?

normally some bumps are fatty deposits like cysts or non cancer tumors. sometimes or mostly in big dogs for that matter. always a good idea to get it looked at im not a doctor and i doubt many people u speak to ARE

What is the red rash with white bumps around the stomach back hips thighs and knees and sometimes the groin that is also itchy and worse at night?

I think you might be talking about Scabies.

What is the cause and treatment of little reddish pinkish rash bumps that appear just around the stomach and spread to the back with itching?

what is the cause and treatment of little reddish pinkish rash bumps that appear just around the stomach and spread to the bac with itching?

Where is gonorrhea most likely found?

Type your answer here... in or around your vag sometimes bumps and oozing

Small hard bumps around neck and behind ears that itch sometimes?

Don't worry about it.

Does Folliculitis hurt?

To answer your question. YES! but Not very much I have it on my stomach, and when im around humid temperatures. The bumps start to itch.

What are these bumps on your stomach in the shape of a square?


What are white puss bumps on your puppies stomach?


Dogs stomach covered in tiny red bumps?

A dogs stomach covered in tiny red bumps could be a sign of allergies. It could also be caused by flea bites.

Why do chicken eggs sometimes have little bumps on them?

the bumps are little calcium deposits in the eggshell.

What are the little red bumps on your dog?

It is best to take a dog to the vet and to get the bumps looked at. While they maybe a rash they could be tumors.

How do you know if your cats having kittens?

You can feel around it's stomach if you feel any hard bumps or if you feel something moving inside the stomach more than likely your cat has a litter of kittens.

Why does your ear have bumps on it sometimes?

because it is allergic to you.

How does the stomach of a frog feel?

sort of soft with tiny bumps on the surface

White itchy bumps on stomach?

you got something. go to the docter

What are small bumps on the lower stomach they looked like small razor bumps at first but won't go away?

If you wear jeans alot or any type of clothing that has a metal button there it may be your skin reacting to the nickel in the button. try putting tape over the button and see if it goes away.

Is it bad to have bumps on your flat part of your viginia?

This is best looked at by a doctor for diagnosis.

Why are the bumps around your nipples dry?

what are some of the reason bumps around the nipples become dry

What does it mean when there are bumps on the top of your head?

Sometimes you get bumps on your head like clogged pores. Don't worry about it.

What are the signs of a pregnant cat?

signs of a pregnant cat:nipples turn pink and get big. stomach becomes hard and you can feel bumps. (BIG bumps.)wants to be around youstarts stretching.moves cautiouslystomach becomes bigwants to sit in your lap more.looks around for places that she will be embedded by ( a box with blankets)when u feel her stomach she will reach down and lick your hand (thinking that u r a kitten)kitten fetus will move.will not move around alot:)) good luck!

Where you get goose bumps?

I get them on my arms. sometimes on my legs too(:

What is red itchy bumps on your stomach?

Honesty, that probably herpes.... just sayin

What are these bumps around my breast nipple?

If they are small bumps (like the bumps on your leg), they areDEFINITELY hair bumps. Now, if they are big bumps...i think you should contact a physcian or doctor immediately.

What is a rally track?

A rally track is a dirt course with bumps and sometimes obstacles to dodge around. You are usually in a 'rally car' which is a modified car.

What are burning red bumps on your stomach?

The burning red bumps could be many different things. Some things it may be is poison ivy, hives or scabies.