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Its most likely a cold soar which is a type of herpes you will always have them for the rest of you life if you have them just b/c you may not have the bump doesn't mean you don't have the virus the virus stays in you for the rest of your life and they can spread by kissing them even if you don't have one right then you can spread them to another person

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What does small red itchy bumps on the back of your tongue mean?

well you might wanna ask your dentist but don't itch the bumps it will hurt a lot

What causes small white bumps on the tongue?

Small white bumps on the tongue are usually called canker sores and they do hurt. They can be caused by something that you ate or drank or smoking. There are other possible causes for small white bumps on the tongue. See link below for further information.

Are starfish spiky?

a little bit but not enough to hurt you, they have very very small raised spikes/bumps

Why do your joints in your fingers hurt?

They hurt because since your fingers have big bumps on them, they hurt.

Forehead bumps due to injury?

Bumps happen when you get hurt. The bump is just swelling.

Why does your virgina hurt when you have periods?

nope. you dont really feel it unless you have abdominal cramps

Okay for as long as i can remember i have had these things on my vagina and flaps that are small zit like bumps they dont itch or hurt i dont know what they are and i had them before i had sex?

Yes, these are related to sex. If you have them you must have had sex. They're called "idontknowwhatthefckthisis".Don't worry, I'm kidding. Seriously.I don't know what they are either.

What happens if your blood pressure cuff is too small?

You need to get a new one or you Will hurt if you dont

Does it matter what side you get a cartilage pierced if your a girl?

It really doesn't matter what side unless you have bumps and junk on one ear. It doesn't hurt bad either.It does not matter! :D

What are tiny bumps on your lip that do not hurt and dry your lip but do not turn colors?

that is called aids on your lip! hahahhahahahahaha Haha so Congrats! You dont have HIV but Full Blown AIDS!

What should you do if a guy gives you his number online?

call him up! it cant hurt...unless you dont wanna waste your time with him

What enables the camel to chew spiny cactus without getting hurt?

I'm not sure, but a relative of the camel is the giraffe, and the giraffe also eats thorny plants without getting hurt because it has something called Horny papillae (small bumps). These bumps protect the lips and tongue against plants with thorns.

Why do you have painful bumps on you head the size of a dime?

Depending on the reason for these bumps, they are your body's defense to other 'hits' . They hurt because they were probably bruised.

What if you have three little bumps on your head and they hurt when you touch them what could it be?

They might be pimples or I guess there might be an extremely small chance that they MIGHT be a tumor but I doubt that. I would ask your doctor.

Why do your fingernails hurt?

they dont hurt actually...

What is the bumps around your mouth?

i have bumps around my mouth they are very noticeable it looks like a fungus i am 15 years old and i am not sexual with boys i kissed a boy before but not in along time these bumps hurt i need help i am 13 years old and i have them they dnt hurt i hate seening dem

What do horses hurt?

They dont hurt anything really they are friendly. but sometimes you can get hurt if they bite you or if you tease them but overall they dont hurt people or anything. they also will hurt you if you are behind them and they kick you.

What can cause tiny bumps on your labia that do not hurt or itch?

Tiny bumps on your labia that don't hurt or itch could be Fordyce spots, which are normal, or genital warts. See your health care provider for an exam if you are at risk for STDs.

Does flirting hurt?

It doesn't hurt unless you are willing to do it .

Does chickenpox hurt?

Many patients find the chickenpox bumps painful. Acetaminophen can be helpful.

Why do you get bumps when you hurt yourself?

because the blood is going to that area to heal it and creats a bruise

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