What are sneakers?

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Shoes that you wear while playing sports. They help take the pressure off your feet and make you feel bouncier than average shoes.

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Are skate shoes sneakers?

yes they are sneakers. they just added a wheel in sneakers so technically they are sneakers with a wheel in them. if you are talking about roller skates then no they are not sneakers.

What rhymes with beakers?

sneakers SNEAKERS

Does skateboarding have an affect on the sneakers your wearing?


How do you spell sneakers?

Sneakers is the correct spelling.

What noun is sneakers?

Plural noun

How do you say sneakers in German?

sneakers are Turnschuhe or Sportschuhe

How do you feel about sneakers?

I like sneakers but why would you ask that?

How do you make sneakers?

You make sneakers by buying them at the store.

What is the british english word for sneakers?

sneakers = trainers

How can you get a sneaker contract and make sneakers as a profession?

Sell sneakers.

What are John Cena's favorite sneakers?

Reebok Pump sneakers

Can you run 100 yards faster in sneakers or cleats?


When was Idaho Sneakers created?

Idaho Sneakers was created in 1994.

What are Converse Sneakers?

They are the flat bottom sneakers with the star on the sides, similar to the All-Star sneakers. They are usually really heavy.

What kind of boys' sneakers are available in extra wide?

Almost all boys sneakers. Adidas has very good wide sneakers.

Who made sneakers?

Jan Ernst Matzeliger made sneakers in the 1800s

Where does Chris Brown buy his sneakers?

some time he design his on sneakers.

What color are Justin biebers sneakers?

he has alot of sneakers in different colours.

Where you can find thigh high sneakers?

Where can you find thigh high sneakers

What is the duration of Sneakers film?

The duration of Sneakers - film - is 2.1 hours.

How do you clean sneakers?

One way to clean sneakers is to wash them with a wash cloth and soap. You can also just throw the sneakers into a washing machine.

Is it true that Pres Obama bought himself 540 sneakers?

he didn't buy 540 sneakers, but he did buy several pairs of $500+ sneakers.

What is a sentence with the word sneakers?

I love these new sneakers so much that I bought two pairs, one in green and one in blue.

What sneakers did usher wear in moving mountains?

Those are Ato Matsumoto sneakers

What sneakers did usher wear in his video moving mountains?

Its a pair of Converse sneakers...