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What are solar cars?

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Solar powered cars are cars that are powered by the sun. when the sun is not out

the car will not start, when the sun is out, it will start!

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Why are solar cars called solar cars?

...cuz they run on solar energy? lol

What cars that use solar power?

solar paneled cars

Why are these cars called solar cars?

Because they have solar panels

Do solar powered cars cause pollution?

NO solar cars do not cause pollution

Cars that use solar cells as a power source is called?

solar powered cars

How do solar cars travel?

Solar cars have 4 wheels on the bottom that let them travel!

How are solar cars different from gas cars?

solar cars get energy from the sun and transfur it in to electricity gas cars burn gas to make electricity

How much does solar powered cars help the world?

Solar cars will help the world a lot.

Is solar car's cheep er then other cars?

There are no solar powered cars being sold.

How long can solar cars travel?

Solar cars can travel for more than 48 hours!

What companies make solar powered cars?

There is no manufacturer of solar powered cars. They are custom-made.

How many people use solar powered cars?

Almost no one as there are no solar powered cars being produced and sold. There have been some prototypes, and some cars use solar cells to help charge the batteries but no solar powered cars are on sale as of yet.

How do the cars solar collectors work together with the batteries?

How do the cars solar collectors work together with the batteries?

Why are the shape of the solar cars different from gasoline powered cars?

The solar cars need as much surface area as possible for solar panels to collect solar power from the sun while trying to keep the overall weight to a minimum.

What are different ways to use solar energy?

solar panels solar cars solar bulbs solar phones solar calculators solar bicycles

How do solar cars reverse?

Solar cars have 4 wheels but the 2 wheels on the back pull them back to make them reverse!

What does solar energy power?


What does perpendicular have to do with solar cars?


Can solar cars travel?


Can solar cars reverse?


How fast can solar cars travel?

Solar cars can travel up to the top speed of 100 to 110 miles per hour!

Can electric cars be recharged with solar?

Several electric cars have been powered primarily by solar. A good example is the Sunswift eVe.

Do solar cars prevent global warming?

Yes, a very small amount. Solar cars do not burn fossil fuels, so they have no carbon dioxide emissions while running. At the moment solar cars are not practical for everyday transport.

How does solar energy effect transportation?

They have made solar cars, but not for the public to use. If you want a new source for transportation, try looking at hydro-cars. (water powered cars)

Do solar cars need fuel?

No because they are powered by solar energy! Hence the name 'Solar Car'