What are some Action Replay DS codes for Super Mario 64 DS?

Hello. Well I have quite a couple i think you will enjoy well... Enjoy!

1st code

Moon Jump

9209D51C FFFD0002

0217E2E0 00019B23

D0000000 00000000

9209D51C FFFD0002

02188AE0 00019B23

D0000000 00000000

OK this one i got myself just keep pressing jump!

2nd code: test map 1

94000130 FFFB0000

0209F2F8 00000000

D2000000 00000000

test map 1 OK! what you do is you know where you click the save (thing at start of game with stars on it well when screen goes black hold L + R + SEL!

Tell more soon also go to gs central and where it saez code search go to code search type super Mario 64 DS go down you will see it click then there is your codes!

Bye hope this help